Week in Review : 3/10/17

I know I haven’t done a Week in Review in FOR_EV_ER, but I’m hoping to get back on track. The kids and I LOVE reading them from years past, and get a huge laugh over all the stuff we’ve forgotten about. I also just got a SWEET new laptop – all my own – complete with a non USB mouse (because for some reason in our house the mouse and the little sensor thing can NEVER stay together…grrr…). I am thrilled and hope to blog more consistently!!

This Week In …

… School:

We’ve actually been pretty productive this week. Despite the move we’re pretty much on or ahead of schedule. Apparently having no friends and a limited social calendar make for lots of productive homeschool days!

The kids are also catching on that “done” means “DONE!”, so anything scheduled to be completed this year that gets done early means more free time for them. Hence, Big has completed her assigned Literature and is making HUGE strides on History. Little is working hard on wrapping up Aero and decided today he’d pick up the pace in math (we’ve been doing 1/2 lesson a day and he’s committing to a full lesson) to wrap it up in half the time. [Now, I wouldn’t do this for anything that they’re not excelling in, but so far, it’s not been a problem with retention or skills.] I think he’s on track with history, too.

The classes that will drag on for a while are the online classes (Big – German, Little – English), Advanced Math and Chemistry. BJU DLO Chem is just HARD and doing more than a lesson a day is just too much. The same holds true for Advanced Math. And, online classes require you to stay at their pace, so those will wrap up when they wrap up.

Guitar lessons are going great. Big sounds really good. Wow, this is so much easier to listen to than beginner violin or even piano!

Not actually school, but kind of school, is news that Big was accepted into the Dual Enrollment program at the local college. It’s a 4 year liberal arts college, so I think its pretty cool!! She’ll start there this summer. I’ll blog a lot more about what she’ll be taking, schedules, why we’re going that route and more in another post. The college is about 35 minutes away so today we may go down, walk around (we haven’t done that yet!) and buy a t-shirt. Big times here. I’m so excited for her and the adventures God has for her!

… Life School:

I’ll keep the details brief on this one, but we’ve recently had a shift in chores here. Little (a 14 year old DUDE) will now manage all of his laundry. While he’s skilled and has done laundry before, he’ll be flying solo. (And perhaps, a budding entrepreneur, he was theorizing he could make some cash in college doing other dude’s laundry… which I think is actually a great idea!! LOL!!). For fun we went to Publix and I am not joking, smelled EVERY detergent. He picked out a nice cold water, stain fighting, not-to-smelly Gain. We’ll see how this goes! LOL!

We’ve also instituted kid’s cooking nights here. I won’t say that the [honestly made in jest] comment about “woman’s work” started it, but for two weeks the kids have each had a night to cook. This week Little (the Tuesday Chef) made pizza and invented a chocolate pizza based on a book he read recently. It was DELICIOUS.

… Other Stuff:

Friday night we attended a TINY HOUSE festival. We’re all over the tiny house deal and think it’s a great junior/senior homeschool project. It was a blast looking at all the houses, seeing what we liked/didn’t like, and checking out different builders. There were some super helpful people and lots were eager to answer Big’s questions. I really, really hope we can execute this project!!

This week was the state AAU TKD tournament. The kids learned a lot. I learned a lot. I am grateful the injuries weren’t worse. Really. I hate Olympic sparring. I am grateful that Little already had his braces installed. Really.

We’re made great progress on finding a home church. We visited 8 (yes, EIGHT) in the local area. Some were OK, some were terrible for our family, and like each one of us, none were perfect. We have found a place where we’re all happy about it’s biblical stance, peer group for the kids, and opportunities to serve both in the church and the community. I am THRILLED the search is over. It was so hard. We’ve already attending the “so you want to join our church” class (which was 4 weeks long!), and I am ready to get plugged in. To show how eager we are… we’ll be hosting a home group this weekend. Yikes!!

I haven’t, but will blog about this, but my Community Bible Study class is just about the greatest thing since air, iced coffee, and puppies. It’s amazing. If you have one near you – please try it out.

Seriously – the BEST COFFEE CAKE EVER. Add chopped pecans to the top and filling. Perfect. Moist on day 3. It makes a HUGE amount so I recommend a half recipe.

… The Move:

We’re now three months post move. I was joking with someone yesterday that like babies, I’m now past counting in weeks and made it to months. LOL!

Since we’ve been putting a lot of effort into it, we’re actually meeting some people! I went to lunch at a friend’s house last week, which was such an encouragement. Saturday night we had dinner (oh.my.word.it.was.so.delicious.) and learned to play dominoes at our soon-to-be neighbor’s house, and then yesterday after bible study I had lunch with a lady from my core group.

Check me out! I am making myself get out of my comfort zone and meet people! It’s not easy, but I have was inspired by Sally Clarkson’s comment in one of her books that she started every group she’s been a part of. That was a huge encouragement for me. The older I get I see that most everyone wants to be a part of a group, but rarely do people feel they are – so I’m trying to work on inclusion, community, and reaching out.

… On the Horizon –

We’re headed to one of my favorite cities, Chattanooga, this weekend for a play. Some of our VERY favorite teens are in a school production so we’re headed up to cheer them on. I am really looking forward to it!

Sunday we host our first home group. I already cooked all the taco meet and we’ll clean some today. I’m nervous but so far really like the people we’ve met!


+ Injuries weren’t worse from the TKD tournament.

+ Fun, busy week.

+ Big’s DE acceptance news!


If you’re inclined to join us in prayer we’d HUGELY appreciate it!!!

+ House sale. This week is Spring Break back in MS, so we’d love to get a reasonable offer, sell the house, and move on with plans to build here. It’s all in God’s timing and we’re calm knowing that!!

How about you?? How was YOUR week?

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Week in Review : 21 October 2016

Fall arrived!! Today no less!! It’s absolutely AMAZING out. It’s one of those rare Southern days that are so gorgeous that when the kids were little we’d skip all schoolwork, pack a picnic and the dogs, and head to the wildlife refuge for the day. I miss those days. Honestly, I’d still do it now if it weren’t for the looming move and the need to us to be as diligent as possible until we’re settled. Alas, we’ll stick to the schedule and work outside!

Breezy. 60. Sweatshirt weather.

And apparently Chemistry in an ENO weather!

School this week:

We were SUPER diligent Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday Big (a sophomore this year) took the PSAT for a trial run. I think it’s great to be exposed to these tests before they are “for real” so she went to a local private school and took it there. Apparently the hardest part for her was the admin stuff and “when did you take Algebra 1? What is your parent’s highest degree?” etc. Homeschool teen. Pretty funny. The test took a lot longer than we thought it would so most of her day was lost. After piano lessons I think she did a Chemistry lesson later in the day. Big will likely have a little “homework” over the weekend, but we’ll get through it.

Little wasn’t feeling well on Wednesday so we got as much done as we could. He slept in and then knocked out a bunch of work on the computer. He rebounded late in the morning (my guess is Fall + allergies + teen growth spurt + busy schedule + move prep  = TIRED) so he made it to piano. He did have some good help while on the couch…

And later in the week when it was Math Test on the Porch Time.

I am noticing a trend with Red the dog following him around…

The rest of the week was school work as published! Online classes are fine. We’re pushing through!


Other Stuff:

I’ve been getting in the swing ofmu walking the dogs a lot more than usual in prep for the move. Our rental does not have a fenced yard, so we’ll be walking the dogs. With that I busted the FitBit back out. With that I had to buy a new charger as the old one is “packed”. Thankfully a two pack was $5.88. I also broke down and bought some new sneakers. My old shoes were getting NASTY and making me hurt, so they got chucked and I got these…vibrant…new shoes. Yes, they’re ugly. But, I’m killing the budget lately and these were $50 (marked down from $160). They’re SUPER comfortable.

Robotics is still going strong. This week is VIDEO week so tonight Big is directing a shoot and will spend the weekend editing. She’s getting REALLY good at video work. It’s so cool. We also finished the orders for the sweatshirts and they’re on order. I can’t wait until the arrive!

The Move:

Big Box week is 3 weeks from Monday. We haven’t packed anything more (I think we’re almost at a standstill until about a week out) but house prep is moving along. The contractor was here yesterday and due to return. We have some repairs than need to be done and we’re moving in the right direction. DH was amazing and did a bunch of little stuff (trims, faucets, etc.) that have been lingering forever. He’s awesome!


+ Productive school week, all things considered.

+ Little’s Birthday DOT arrived and he LOVES it. It’s very cool.

+ PSAT round 1 done.

+ The weather!! Even Big Weasley is enjoying it…


If you’re inclined to join us in prayer we’d HUGELY appreciate it!!!

+ House preps, repairs, and sale. That God’s presence would be all over this move/house sale and every decision we make. And for me to WORSHIP more than I WORRY! It’s really starting to get real.


How about you?? How was YOUR week?



What a week… November 16, 2015

You know it’s been a long week when your Friday weekly wrap-up happens on Monday, and it starts with a picture like this…

Last week we started some repair and renovations. Day one was roof work. We have a great contractor, and we really like his team lead…and, dh was able to be there for the start. All great things.

This was Monday. Lots of mess. We his at the library….Starbucks…a bagel shop…pretty much everywhere but home.


We schooled out of the trunk for the week. I’m grateful my kids are flexible and we actually got some work done.


Thursday was a nightmare day. Long story short, cracked tooth. Much repair work ahead. Many tears. Middle age sticks. Please pray for me.

Incidentally, the fish we’re not very calming.


Football helped a little. My team got crushed though.


And the fact that after the world’s worst dental visit, I found out that my FIL was coming. This inspired a quick and effective clutter attack. It was much needed and it really made me feel better.

FIL arrived with an ADORABLE puppy. Her name is Oreo. We all feel in love.


Especially Little…. It was very, very mutual.


Unfortunately, Little Bit came with fleas. I did all I could to contain the puppy, clean the house, bombed my dogs, bombed my house… We’ll see if it works. |||sigh|||

On the bright side, the week ended. We got to see FIL and Oreo. At some point the house, and the teeth, and the flea situation, will be fixed. School will resume. Life week return to normal.

Now that it’s Monday, I’m thankful for the challenging days to contast the good ones. I know God had my best in mind. I know the frustrations will pass. I know. Which is a good thing, or this week would have hurt a whole lot more.

Week in Review – 10/23/15






I LOVE fall. It’s absolutely my favorite season. Cool weather, beautiful colors, pumpkin spice stuff (though this year I have not indulged at all!), and FOOTBALL. It’s awesome. I hope your fall is starting well!

This week was our first real week back after our nearly 2 week fall break. Granted, that included nearly a week of “field trip” travel time, but being a girl of routine I am thrilled to be back in the swing of things.
As usual after traveling I was convinced I needed to eat better… so I tried the whole Eat to Live program and made it 2 days. I think it’s a record. I am thrilled with some stuff I learned and I am thinking about a smoothie dinner tonight.



Monday was Scout Night. It was our monthly marathon – Little as a Den Chief, then scouts, then the monthly committee meeting.  I’m the committee chair so I spent some time texting an eagle scout candidate on how to wrap up his project. Fun stuff!



Wednesday night was church ladies’ night. We normally do a monthly dinner, but interest has been waning and I felt called to step it up. This month I made salad and we met for game night. It was a blast. One of the sweet Titus 2 ladies brought me these beautiful flowers as a thank you. So sweet!!


Most of the week was spent with school work… TKD… piano… chores… and general living. This is Big taking a Biology test on the ipad….



Friday night was DATE NIGHT. A friend and I set up a couple on a blind date, and we all went so there wasn’t any solo weirdness (they’re adults…). It was so fun. Big baked cookies, we made a picnic dinner, and we all spent the night at the Corn Maze. It was so fun and I believe Date #2 is being arranged. I hope it works out!!!


By the end of the week Boots was tired out. She was working on a nap on me while I was working on math.


I fought the “tired out”s with a little java!



As we head into the fall one thing I LOVE right now (and will be enforcing today!) is my Thankful boards. The kids call it my “Forced Thankfulness Program”, which is hysterical and makes me glad I have funny teens. Today, back to the rule “no thankfulness, no food”. Apparently salty treats are a big hit in my house…



So, how was your week? Anything exciting upcoming?

Week in Review – 21 August (but late…)

Last week was a wild ride – as you can tell by the fact that I am doing my Weekly Report on a Monday! With many of us slogging through the first few weeks of school and getting the balance of school and home in order, I’m sure you can commiserate with my feeling a little overwhelmed!

Last week was our first FULL week of school. By that I mean – all academics, all extra curricular activities, Bible Bee, everything.

It. was. nuts.

First thing Monday morning Little had his first online class with Landry Academy. We’d prepared, read up, tested all the gear… But there’s always a learning curve. The class went well, but I’ll be honest and say we struggled through the first week’s assignments and expectations. Some grading criteria changed mid week, we emailed the instructor and didn’t hear back, and it was generally a tough week trying to figure out what was due when and in what format. I think everyone struggled since this morning (Little is in class now) the instructor extended the deadlines and the kids need to resubmit everything. I’m sure a lot of our growing pains are due to lack of familiarity – but so far the online classes are FAR from hands off for me.

As hands off as I could get would be working on my coloring book…


With the art class came some projects and I LOVE them. Little will learn a lot in this class, I am sure. So far I am… This is my fruit drawing…


Little made a cube to display the 6 elements of design…


And he completed a fruit drawing of his own outlining the 6 coloring techniques. He made about 6 drafts of this one. I am proud of him for sticking through until he had one he was proud of turning in!


Big had one online class that was a little more straightforward – writing. It went well and I think the class will be a great fit for her. She also started her first co-op class, EVER. A friend of mine teaches at a local CC, and she’s offering chemistry this year. For a whole variety of reasons it’s a great choice for her, so with a carpool plan in place I’m hoping this class will work out well for her. We’re both anxious to see what the workload is (she’s already taking BJU Bio and we’re not dropping it!) and how the class time will impact our week. I’m very hopeful it will be a win.


Later in the week Little had his online robotics class. More learning curve – for him and for me! I think this will be an AWESOME class, but we’ve got to get our feet under us! [As an aside, after spending more time reading through every page in his class profile, I think we’re making HUGE strides in learning the system for this class. Thankfully DH helped with some technical issues, and I think by tonight we’ll be much smoother sailing on this one. Thank you DH!!!]

Needless to say I was THRILLED when a couple of activities got cancelled at the end of the week. I was worn out. TKD was cancelled Thursday night, and I cancelled out of Bible Study (which I hated to do, but it worked out well for my friend), and robots Friday night was cancelled. It ended up being an AWESOME quiet Friday night after a run to Hobby Lobby for more art supplies (LOL!!) and other than a bunch of drops and picks from Nigel (my car) Saturday, it was pretty chilly too. It’s funny how this year’s “chill” was last year’s “NUTS!!!”.

I think the dog was even a little worn out.


So that was last week.

This week – crazier. Week 4 of official schooling… 3 online classes… 1 co-op class… piano… piano lessons… robots daily if we can make it… scouts… scout trip… oh my…. there’s even more!!!

What’s on your schedule this week!?!?!

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Week in Review – 7 August 2015

I’m excited to share that we’ve finished the FIRST OFFICIAL WEEK OF SCHOOL. It’s also the FIRST OFFICIAL WEEK OF HIGH SCHOOL in our homeschool history, so that’s pretty exciting. All -in-all, the week went really well and I think we’re off to a good start. In fact, Little commented last night, “I’m glad that school is fun and easy this year. Or maybe it’s easy because I like what we’re doing. I think that makes it easier.” Well said!


As always, here’s the Iced Coffee of the Week:


It’s a new brand I found at our local grocery. It’s delicious, but out of the jug it was a little too sweet for me. I added a little of my cold brew concentrate, and it’s perfect. This jug will not last long.


In addition to school, which I will share about in a second, life continued to happen this week. What is up with that?! The washer decided that it would stop working, which was awesome. Not really. I’m just hoping the loads I didn’t catch aren’t super gross – since they were “washed” (the agitator wasn’t agitating), dried, and put up… We’ll see. I did manage the world’s fastest laundromat run yesterday to get DH’s work clothes ready.




Then, we did academics…

Math. Went well for both kids. Big and I had to have a bye day to catch up on the geometry that we didn’t do while I waited for the REAL geometry kits to arrive from Amazon. Otherwise, we’re making it. WOW does Advanced Math start FAST. No warm up here. Algebra 2 in spades, and harder. I’m glad my friend convinced me to do half a lesson daily for the whole year.



We’re still conquering the learning curve with BJU DVD biology. Wow. Lots of manuals. Lots of moving parts. Wow. I am SERIOUSLY considering switching to online. I think I will be calling BJU later today. Little is loving his science and watched a lot of Pumkin Chumkin this week.


I also spent some time making sure all the stuff for Landry Academy classes are ready to go. Little will be taking robotics (all set), and art (mostly set – waiting on Amazon – who’s prices were unusually lower than Hobby Lobby… hmmm…), and Big will be taking Composition. So far I am SUPER impressed with Landry. Great communication, get tech help so far. I’m impressed.




Oh yeah. The mess of stuff is back. Sweet. Time to reinforce, “If school’s not picked up, school’s not over.”



And. EXCITEDLY…. We’re waiting with somewhat baited breath for the National Bible Bee test results and national rankings. We think that Big will make the cut this year!! We’re so excited. We’re likely behind the curve since she’s only memorized a couple National’s passages, but we’ll work hard if she makes it. Little may make the cut, but he isn’t interested in competing. We’re totally fine with that, actually. We require summer participation and a best effort – but Nationals – that’s a kid decision with all the time and effort it will take). I am so pleased that with all the travel (3 of 6 weeks during the Bee), and the printing, and all the changes – the kids finished strong. I’m very proud of them.




Lastly, we’re adjusting to Sonlight High School this year. So far the transition has been fairly smooth. We’re enjoying our daily conference times, and adjusting to the new system. I will say that both kids are TRUDGING through their first books. Peace Child and Til We Have Faces.  But, they’re making it and aren’t getting bogged down. I’m pleased with their attitudes.  We have done Sonlight long enough to know that we don’t love every book, but even the kids have seen the value in finishing them all. I’m glad we’ve done some SL before to make this easier. For Language Arts, I think I may have to adjust the amount of writing Little does. I think with Big’s writing class she’ll be set. We’ll see. I want to give the kids a couple weeks to get settled in before we change anything.



So, we’re back. Not really to “back to the grind”, but back in the routine. We’re making it work and smoothing in new stuff. For PE with year the kids have to run 4 times a week, so with the working out, dad being home a bit, extra curriculars (robotics and TKD are all in full force now), and time with friends (we actually had dinner guests this week!) we’re making it all work. I know the first few weeks are always a time of adjusting, and tweaking. I don’t expect anything different this year. My plan is to settle in and not travel until after Labor Day at the earliest (real travel, not road trips). Hopefully with a strong August and early September we’ll give ourselves a nice cushion. We’ll see. So far, I’m thrilled with the start of the 2015-2016 academic year!



So, how did your week go?

Have you started back to school or are you still planning and scheming?!


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Week In Review – 27 March 15


Back in the land of Abita root beer!!

This blog post has been eaten by my server about 4 times so it may be kind of short…

I really liked the backwards week so I’m going to be sticking with that one for awhile. I think it’s easier on my old person memory…lol!

We had an awesome night in a cabin with family on Sunday night that included lots of rest and some excellent card games. The weather was perfect and Little got to complete some stuff for his astronomy merit badge.



It was awesome getting to see a bunch of planets and the constellations were super visible. I love being able to use an app for stargazing!!!

Monday was insane. Little went on his first quail hunt which he absolutely loved. Apparently he’s quite the shot! Big and I enjoyed some time relaxing and taking a boat out on the lake.


After a nice lunch with family we drove straight home to get back in time for scouts, and meetings, and other things I had to take care of at home. On the way home we continued to listened to To Kill a Mockingbird (we started it on the way down). It surprised me that the kids absolutely love it. It’s my favorite book, ever. My Beloved also loved it, not having heard it since being forced to read it in junior high. It’s amazing and the audible version is fabulous.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:
The rest of the week went busily but quietly. We hit our normal activities, worked on catching up on some school work, and tried to get back in the swing of doing math. Little made a load of progress on his astronomy merit badge, which is quite an undertaking.

I really need to blog a whole post about this, but at our house we do Friday School a little bit differently. This week we did math, and loads of fun science projects. I’ll post more on this later but here are a couple pictures:



Friday night closed out with my Beloved heading out of town with some friends for a night and Little heading off to a scout camp out. The girls took the opportunity for a great night out with a friend and catching up on some Horrible Histories.

Saturday is looking pretty quiet. We might need to complete the first lawn mowing of the season, as well as hanging out and relaxing before a busy few days ahead. 🙂

How was your week? Busy, crazy, or a week of easy?

Weekly Wrap-Up