I’ve shared here before about our experience with Landry Academy. If you’re remotely interested – check out the specials link below. They have some INSANE deals. They change roughly every 4 hours, so buy when you see something! I bought one generic class for 2017 or beyond, and got $1600 in free extras!!! Insane!!! (And no, I’m not compensated for anything…just cheap and want to share the LOVE!)

Landry Academy Specials


Share and Save – Blogs I Love

For some weird reason I have a complete inability to comment on other people’s blogs. It totally saddens me because I find so much encouragement and inspiration from other blogs, and I hate that I can’t write something to tell them. I want to be able to write from my blog – and not my google account – because I’d like to retain some privacy. It’s not that I’m writing crazy stuff over here, LOL!!, but I do like my kids to not be worrying about what I write because their friends could find it.

While this won’t cover every blog I read, here are some of my favorites (and maybe the links will let them know how much I love their blogs!!):

The Thinking Mother
Seriously. This may be my first blog ever that I read regularly. Homeschooling – kinda classical, kinda CM. A Yankee transplant. A layoff. I’ve read and prayed for you through it all. I read now with fear in my eyes for the transitions and changes we’ll soon be facing – that she writes about all the time. Wish I could buy you a Dunkin Donuts coffee and hang out!

First Comes Love
This is a fairly new addition for me. LOVE the blog. I’m encouraged by her writing and sweet family. Her DD was one of our faves for the Bible Bee this year and we prayed a lot for her! 🙂 Her post on her dad made me CRY (and I’m not a crier!). Go read this blog!!

Pennington Point
Seriously beautiful decorating. Makes me want to purge. Essential oil tips. Real struggles. If you happen to read this – am praying for your family.

Fresh Modesty
What a charming young lady!! Great fashion advice. Modest without being pretentious or frumpy. Fresh, encouraging attitude. LOVE this girl!!

The Modest Mom Blog
I love her link ups! This blog has helped me find so many other great blogs!!

And some super duper new guys:

Every Good Gift
Awesome young lady. LOVE her idea for raising money for missions. A great example for younger ladies!

Artful Homemaking
I think I’m going to love this one!

Hopefully some of the amazing ladies that I read often will find their way here and see how much the time and energy they put into their blogs is appreciated. I know I have missed more than I listed – so please forgive me if I missed your blog!! I am inspired and encouraged by there ladies, and many more. Thank you!! I hope other enjoy them too!!

Things to Save and Share

You know all those times you find cool articles on the web, or someone shares something on Facebook and you just want to remember it. Well, that’s what this post is for! Here are some amazing things I’ve read or found this week, and I just have to Save and Share…

An Amazingly Timely Article:

How to Help a Grieving Friend: 11 Things to Do When You’re Not Sure What to Do

This article was shared by a friend who was walked through profound grief a couple of times. She said the information was helpful, and I was SO glad I read it before spending time with a friend yesterday who is also in the depths of grief. Not from a Christian perspective, but great information.

An Amazing Homeschool Writing Resource:

I’m still fighting writing this year, though I’ll likely share about that in another post. One remarkable resource I have found and started to use is the Lively Art of Writing workbook. I did not write, edit or in ANY way contribute to the workbook. The people who did are AMAZING and I am so grateful for their work!!! I don’t ever want to lose these links!

Lively Art of Writing Workbook Pages (Student)

Lively Art of Writing Teacher Manual

An Amazing Math Reoursce:

This is the SUPER FUN math book I use for extra credit problems for my kids weekly Saxon tests. They love them. The problems are fun and interesting… I offer one problem a week for 5 points. All or nothing. It makes Friday math a little more fun.

The Book of Perfectly Perilous Math: 24 Death-Defying Challenges for Young Mathematicians

That’s it. Three things to Save and Share. Do you have any amazing resources I need to bookmark?

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