Cheap and Chicken

I know that this post has the potential to be the most boring thing, EVER, however… I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom so things like learning on youtube and being frugal and cooking generally appeal. For that reason, I have to share this!

Yesterday I was at the local Publix (which I am usually NOT a fan of, though everyone I know LOVES them… but that’s another post), and I was trolling around in my nearly-pjs at 7:00 am on a Sunday looking for something to cook for lunch after church and came up with…chicken. Grilled. Then I got crazy and decided on “chicken and fixins” (bbq  chicken breasts with ham and monetary jack cheese melted on it). I headed over to the chicken section and saw that the bone-in with rib meat chicken was on sale for $1.99/# and boneless was over $4/pound, even more for tenders or the thin cut.

So I bought the bone in.

Now, I often buy the bone in, but I usually use it for instant pot cooking. I thought each breast was WAY too huge to consider grilling, so I decided (you know…because it was still early in the day and I was feeling very awake…), that I would learn to debone the chicken breast. From there we could just grill them in a reasonable amount of time. When I got home I looked up “deboning a chicken breast” on youtube and found the following video:

I pulled it up on my phone and grabbed a knife and got to work.

When the 5 minute video was over I had 2 of 4 breasts done. I finished the other two and then split up the breasts to make them a more reasonable portion and threw them in the fridge. I bagged up the bones (chucked the skin) and then cooked those up this morning in a stock project (with all the junk veg from my fridge). All done, this was what was left (other than the skin):

I will call this project a HUGE success. I will definitely buy the bone in again, even if I don’t make stock from the bones. It was SUPER easy and really, really much cheaper than the boneless. The video was great and I will be looking into more of his cooking videos in the future. I was concerned that with the bones and skin it would be a lot of waste and I’d be breaking even compared to buying the boneless, but there really wasn’t that much waste, and I am by no means a knife expert! I highly recommend trying it out. Next time I might get nerdy and weigh stuff out. Once again, I love youtube and all the neat stuff you can learn with a tiny bit of effort.
Have you ever deboned a chicken before? Chicken breasts? What do you think?


5 Things

I’ve been reading all these blogs where people are sharing five things that they’re loving this week so I decided I would join in!



I received this is a birthday gift and when I’m able to pry it out of the hands of the two teenagers in the house, it’s absolutely amazing! You can talk to it and have it give sports updates, play Pandora, adjust my calendar, set alarms… It’s just absolutely fabulous, and the sound quality is awesome.

2. Spring Weather.


Low 80s. Low humidity. Low pollen. It’s rare those collide here so we’re soaking in as much as humanly possible!

3. Summer Jobs


I’ll wrote more about this in a whole post, but I’m LOVING the kids running their lawn service. It’s great. So many lessons. So much good about it.

4. Surprises.


This morning I came home from my walk to this. It was so delicious and we were so stuffed we ate lunch at 2. Another surprise? A dear friend came by unexpectedly with her toddler. Another friend received good news and we got to celebrate. It’s a good day!!!


5. Tony Chocoloney.

I love you. Salted caramel. Real chocolate. Amsterdam I miss you.

How about you? What’s blessing you this week?

Goal Setting Monday – 12 Jan 15

It’s been a while with Christmas and other stuff going on that I’ve done my goals – so here goes…

The Week Ahead

+ Daily time in the Word – 30 minute challenge
+ Get 3 more verses of Romans 12 memorized with the kids (Seriously. Still.)
+ Complete all of Bible Study before Tuesday at 2 pm.

+ Complete all items on checklist for school this week.
+ Accountability with encouragement…. keep it up…TONE!!
+ One night with no TV and a game night.
+ Keep to minimal tv / video games for kids and reestablish time habits.

+ Walk 5 times this week, 2 miles each, foot permitting – or do Leslie for 30 minutes
+ Make my coffee before bed
+ Complete 2 hours of video sessions in the Lightroom Class

+ Keep up with No Spend January.
+ Dining out: Ladies’ Lunch on Wednesday, milkshakes Monday after doctor’s appointment.

+ meal plan
+ minimize grocery shopping this week as much as possible
+ minimize waste – reuse, cook less, eat leftovers
+ keep up with no process / no junk challenge

+ No Car Wrecks.

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Goal Setting Monday – 15 December 2015


Please consider following my blog! The link is at the bottom on the right. (It’s a goal for this year to grow the blog… so since it’s Goal Setting Monday I figured I’d push it. 🙂 )

On to the Weekly Goals…

Review from last week…

Seriously. I have no report from last week. LOL!! I’m resetting the clock!! Please join me!!

The Week Ahead

+ Daily time in the Word – 30 minute challenge11`123
+ Finish Romans 12 memorization with the kids
+ Get caught up with our Advent readings.

+ Get through the appointments, with cheer. Monday. Dual ortho. Piano recital. Scout party. Sunday is the church play. We’re shockingly unprepared. Recitals are this week. We need to get ready without me being snippy.
+ Complete math, science daily. I have an “I don’t want to do schoolwork” attitude. We need to finish strong.
+ Accountability with encouragement…. keep it up…

+ Walk 5 times this week, 2 miles each, foot permitting
+ Make my coffee before bed.
+ Complete 2 hours of video sessions in the Lightroom Class – I haven’t been doing this and want to get back to it.
+ Sew and/or scrapbook at least 3 times this week.

+ 2 trips to Starbucks this week… Not a minimum there.
+ We’ve been bleeding money. Car wreck. Dryer out. Freezer defrosted and we missed it for 5 days. New braces. Christmas. I’m just overwhelmed.

+ meal plan
+ minimize grocery shopping this week as much as possible
+ MORE fruit and veg
+ stay up on laundry so I can hang it until the dryer is fixed.

+ Focus on the season. Make time for tea and little quiet breaks with the kids. Rest well. Don’t overspend. Play some board games. q11

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Money Management with Teens and Tweens


Money… How to teach kids to save and be responsible… Teaching tithing… Buying higher cost items…

We’re big fans of Dave Ramsey here, and want very much to teach our kids responsibility and biblical principles when it comes to money. Well, as our kids got older and wanted to buy things, we didn’t want to just she’ll out the money for them. But, they were too little to actually earn money. We don’t have any family members who give the kids money for gifts, so we had to come up with a plan for helping our kids learn to manage money.

Here’s what we’ve come up with…


It may seem a bit complicated, but hang with me and it will (hopefully) make sense….

1. The kids had chores. Daily. They get completed daily. It’s not optional. They complete them because they live here and we’re a team, and our house would cease to function without their help!

They also can do extra jobs for more money. Sometimes we’ll do wacky challenges for money – like run 30 miles in a month and earn $30. We usually do that one in late fall for a little extra money to purchase Christmas gifts.

The lawn is a separate required job that is in it’s own pay category.

2. Once a month they get paid for their chores and extra jobs. They get $40 a month. Of that, $16 is for spending, $4 is for tithe, and $20 goes into long term savings. The savings is for big things – a car…. College… Big travel…

3. Other jobs are paid and are broken down similarly between spending, saving, and tithe.

4. The lawn is mowed about once a week. We pay $10 for the front, and $10 for the back. That is CAMP MONEY. Only. We don’t pay for camps. The kids have to earn the money. They both need to earn about $240 for camp, so it works out well.

We used to pay cash. That quickly turned into a complete nightmare for me. I would forget… We’d get behind a month or two… The kids forgot to take money to the store… I’m sure some money got lost in hone house. ARGH!!!!

* Each month has an entry. No problem if we don’t catch up for a couple of months, because it’s easy to update it.

* When the kids want to buy something, we pay for it, and then account for it in the ledger. The kids are great about bringing me the ledger to account for a purchase. Super simple.

*If the kids get money for something, they can give me the cash and I enter it into the ledger. No cash lost. Easy peasy.

*I haven’t done it yet, but once a year we plan to drop the “savings” into their actual bank accounts.

*The tithe is also done automatically, so that’s accounted for monthly.

Overall, we find this system super simple to manage and a thousand times easier to manage than cash! The kids earn money, they have some money to spend, they’re learning to tithe and save… It’s great for us!



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Work Party!

I’m so grateful for a cool morning and my awesome niece being here. We had some time before leaving for the pool this morning – and my DH is home – so we made some amazing progress on the deck project. It’s amazing what 2 adults and 3 kids (11,13,13) can do in 30-40 minutes!!!





Yes, we have tons more to do, but having help with the heavy lifting is SUCH a huge encouragement and attitude lifter!!! So grateful!!!

Quick Craft

We have two dogs. One is a wonder dog… The other is a terrier. LOL!! The terrier ate the cover of the Good Dog’s bed, so this morning I did a quick makeover with some fabric I bought a couple of years ago to make Big a dress…





I love it. Hopefully Bad Dog will, too! (It’s actually very smooth in real life, LOL! Little had just climbed on it before the snap.)