Our Curriculum (or Curriculums, or Curricula) for 2017-2018

First off, I had to type “2018”. SERIOUSLY!?? What is THAT? I still think it’s like 1997.

Anyway, it’s that special time of year when I actually get organized for the upcoming school year. When my kids were little I used to do this in February. It’s July now. I am finally taking this seriously. School here starts 1 August. Ugh. Let’s hope Amazon and UPS are on the ball this month!

Here are the goods…

Big, Junior (Yes, “Junior” is as unsettling as typing “2018”…).

Math – Pre-calculus

Yes, this is kind of a repeat of Advanced Math last year but we want a SUPER firm foundation heading into Calculus. And, maybe more importantly, this will be Dual Enrolled ON a 4 year college campus, so we wanted to give her some room to breathe as she starts out.

Science – Astronomy with Lab

Dual Enrolled. Great “ratemyprofessor” ratings and a super interest area, so this should be awesome!

History / English / Bible  – Notgrass Exploring America

I know this isn’t the “most rigorous” curriculum out there, but it’s interesting, it gets it done, it’ll be manageable her DE schedule, and we’ll be supplementing with a lot of “life”. Big would like to staff TeenPact this spring, and be a Congressional page, and we’re planning a visit to DC… I am not a believer that EVERY class has to be super hard, and super challenging, and stretching. Some are just really interesting and fun. History and lit are those subjects this year.

German – German 2

This year we’re switching German providers, mostly for scheduling reasons. Big will take German 2 with OSU and we’re excited to see how that works out.

Elective – AP Computer Science Principles

I read about this through The Well Trained Mind, and it looks fascinating. Both kids will take this one, and hopefully take the AP test in the spring. It’s super affordable ($150) and has great reviews from kids who’ve take it.


Little, Freshman 

Math – Finish Saxon Algebra 2, start Saxon Advanced Math, and test prep in the spring for the ACT.

Science – Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemisty

We’ll be doing the book work at home, and Little will be taking a co-op lab at a local college once a week. We’ll do Bio next year (as I cannot miss a FREE, fabulous, lab option!).

History / English / Bible – My Father’s World Ancient History

I am looking forward to this one! I love that the schedule is done, and the progress will be very self directed. Little will handle this really well. I am super looking forward to a more organized Bible plan than in year’s past.

Spanish – Duolingo

So, Little thinks he’s taking Swahili, or Hawaiian, or Korean. NOT. I’ve learned my lesson. He’s taking Spanish. I can help. I can facilitate. No more wacky languages here until they Dual Enroll! He’ll figure this out 1 August. LOL!

Elective – AP Computer Science Principles

Same as Big. I think he’ll really like this one!


OTHER “ELECTIVES” – Hopefully, even with our crazy schedule, we’ll spend Tuesday mornings working with Habitat for Humanity locally, and Thursday mornings at Community Bible Study. I forsee a CRAZY full fall, but we can handle anything for a semester (I think!).