French Macaron, Tries #1 and #2

I’ve been watching too much Great British Bake Off. Again. LOL. I just love it and I binge watched a bunch on the 4th of July. As a result I’m challenging myself to learn some cool baking skills this month.
Like this… A Spanische Windtorte

It was BEAUTIFUL, but no more delicious than a pavlova and about 10 times the work/time. I filled it with fresh whipped cream, cherries, strawberries, and fresh lemon curd. It was insane. (I used the linked recipe and cut the sugar by 25%.)
Today I tackled the French Macaron. I’ve never made them before so I watched a couple you tube videos and read up on Pinterest. I used the recipe from THIS video.

Well, I learned A LOT in the first batch.

1. Bake one tray at a time. Or this will happen:

2. Use more food coloring (to avoid cookies that are weak in color) and cook them a little longer.

3. I get what they mean about consistency of the batter more now. It’s such a weird thing – get lots of air in… then stir it out.

Batch #2 went better than #1. I rested the piped cookies longer, so I got nice feet. I used the convection setting, so they cooked faster. That’s nice, except I overcooked them. Ooops. 

I used the same filing for both – a French Buttercream (from the linked video). I followed the directions except instead of 3 1/2 T milk I used lemon juice. It was basically lemon curd and it was fabulous. Tart, bright…perfect with the cookies.

No filter!!

So I’ll keep practicing. The macarons very nice, fun, and a just little impressive. LOL! And, for those when I need a go to recipe, they’re gluten free. I like that they aren’t too sweet, and are tasty!! What’s not to love??


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