Weeks In Review – 3/24/17

I know I haven’t done a Week in Review in a couple of weeks, so much for my resolution of awesome consistency, eh? LOL! Such is life. Hopefully I can cover two weeks without annoying my 2 readers!

This Week In …

… School:


It’s been a busy and somewhat productive couple of weeks. Last week we rocked 4 days of school. I’ll freely admit, one of those days was some serious car schooling. My Brother-In-Law needed us to go test drive a car about 70 minutes away, so that took up the majority of Thursday. We did get a lot done in the car and at home before we left for the day.  Friday the local schools were out, so Little’s scout troop had a trip starting at noon, and Big had her initial meeting with her Student Adviser over at the Dual Enrollment college, so the day was a wash. We are all definitely seeing the light at the end of the semester’s tunnel.

This week we pulled off 3 solid days and one lighter day. Thankfully, the kids have worked so far ahead and have been very diligent before and since the move, so we’re having no problem with days off and easier days. Big and I took one day off and went to meet some friends at Berry College for an official visit (Little worked hard at home with DH), and another day we met an old friend in Atlanta for lunch. It was an old grad school friend I haven’t seen in about 10 years, so it was a welcome reunion.



… Life School:


Cooking nights for the kids are continuing. They’re actually enjoying it (usually!). Little had a fiasco of a giant sandwich / lime pie night, but otherwise things have gone smoothly. Big made some delicious cheeseburger soup one week, and KILLED IT on PI DAY with excellent individual chicken pot pies.


So, we bought a little, old, very fun sailboat a few weeks ago off of Craigslist. It’s been SO SO SO MUCH fun teaching the kids to sail. Both DH and I grew up sailing little boats, and I was even a competitive sailor in college, so it’s such a blessing to get to pass this on! Thankfully DH is a STUD and can repair anything because The Boat leaks. Kind of a lot. LOL! So he’ll add more patches and we’ll get her lake-worthy for the summer.  Seriously, this is the best thing.



… Other Stuff:


We had some minor sadness here last weekend. We were supposed to have friends stay with us for a few days and do some fun stuff and college visits. Sadly, one of the visiting kids got sick so they had to head home early. It made for some gloom and disappointment here, but our friend recovered quickly, the sickness didn’t spread, we got to meet up for lunch and the college visit anyway,  and we’ll get to see them again soon.
Recipe of the week – BREAD MACHINE NAAN. I am NEVER buying naan again. Ever.


Free cone day at Dairy Queen. Score!!! I took the boys before scouts, and indulged with them, and then let the girls run in after Beauty and the Beast (which I really, really liked!).


… The Move:


I think I hit a wall this week. I’ve realized that we’re met some people, and everyone is very “friendly”, but we don’t really have any “friends”. I know it’ll be a while. It takes time to connect and let down your guard. I know. But I think that maybe spending a night with some great, real life friends made me realize we’re  [I’m]  in a pretty lonely spot. We are inviting people over for meals (which is hard, but good), and even attended a social event with people from church (including dinner after), but it just feels weird… forced… awkward. I really miss being around people who know me and accept me for me.


Friday nights at the fire place continue. We love this. It’s a great time of connecting and grounding our weekend. Love it.


We’ve discovered Bruster’s. Yum. Serious yum.


… On the Horizon –

We’re joining a church! Well, DH and I are joining. LOL! The kids are learning more about the denomination and we’ve decided to let them decide for themselves if they want to join and when. Of course they’re attending with us, and had a ton of input in our decision to join there (as a family, even if they decide “officially” to join later), and are very happy with the decision to call it HOME.  It’s scary and awesome having older kids who are learning to make adult decisions for themselves. I am thrilled to be finding a HOME for our family to learn, serve, and grow.


Fun days ahead. I’ll update as I can!!



+ Sickness was contained and recovered from quickly.

+ DE class swap. This is big. So thankful.

+ Fun college visit with friends. Berry is STUNNING.

+ A church HOME. A new start. A new family.



If you’re inclined to join us in prayer we’d HUGELY appreciate it!!!

+ House sale. Gods timing is perfect and it will sell when it sells, but we covet your prayers.

+ Safe travel. Fun times ahead. We’d love your prayers for safety!


How about you?? How was YOUR week?

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2 thoughts on “Weeks In Review – 3/24/17

  1. Wow. It must be so much fun to have a small sailboat of your own. My kids have all had a go at sailing them on a one-day course and enjoyed the experience.

  2. Hey – I’m finally catching up on some of the Homeschool Highlights posts I missed, and this was a great one! An amazing chicken PI – I love it! Congrats on the sailboat – what a super hobby and sport to pass along to your kids! Thanks for linking up!

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