Working for Me Wednesday – Homeschooling High School

Math. I’ve talked a lot about it here on Fried Clams, but this week Big and I decided something was really working for us and I wanted to share.

We use Saxon Math from Algebra 1/2 and up. Love it. We use it with the Art Reed dvds and Big is currently on lesson 107-ish of the Advanced Math book. Starting in Advanced Math we do a half lesson a day. The lessons just start to take a LONG time, and the material is THICK so we ration it a little. So, we used to do the video and odd problems on Day 1, and then the next day we’d finish with the even problems. But, with this system the video days were always pretty long, with of the videos running 8 minutes, but some 20+.

While this may seem blatantly obvious, we decided that on video days we’d only do problems 1-10. Then, the next day we’d do 11-30. Now it seems like both days are a totally great deal. Mentally, we’re psyched for either day – “YAY! Video and only 10 problems!”, or “Sweet, no video and only 20 problems!”.  It’s funny how such a simple change has made our math time so much easier!!

What’s working for you this Wednesday?!

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