Homeschooling Older Kids – – MUSIC

A question came up recently on a homschool board I’m on about kids listening to music when they’re doing their daily studies.

When my kids were younger I usually had some relaxing music on when we did our work. I am a music loving person, so it was soothing to me. I’m not sure if that started it, but now one, and sometimes both of my kids like to listen to music when they work.

I am 100% fine with it as long as it’s appropriate, and they get their work done (with retention). I have one that can listen to music and read. Not instrumental – more like Owl City. To me that’s super weird. But, they’re relaxed and they retain like crazy, so I’m good with it.

I also have a “not so loud I have to beat you with a broom to get your attention” rule. I hate having to scream at the kids to listen. So, reasonable volume is a must.


Needless to say, we fight over who gets to use the Pandora One account. Normally, it’s me! And NO (no, no, no, no!!!) I didn’t pick all all the channels on the screen!! I prefer the likes of George Winston, The Piano Guys, and Fernando Ortega during the day.

How about you? Do you prefer silence or music when you work?


One thought on “Homeschooling Older Kids – – MUSIC

  1. we skip from music, to no music. It really depends on what everyone is doing and on the mood. Sometimes pandora will switch to some crazy loud, disney song and everyone starts singing along and dancing.. sometimes that is just what we need and sometimes we end up getting nothing done ( and I loose my mind in between rofl)

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