Teen Boy Bible Study / Devotional


With the new semester I’m changing up a few little things. I’ll share here done new stuff, and at some point I’ll do a summary…

One thing I’ve done is added a new devotional for Little. He’s working through the Bible Study Sampler in Core 100, but I wanted him to have more application. A couple of years ago we bought and read through the Bob Schultz devotionals Boyhood and Beyond and Created for Work. They’re EXCELLENT. I decided we’d pull then of the shelf and have Little work through them again.

Twice a week this is his assignment:
1. Read a section.
2. Write out the answer the section questions.
3. Write a paragraph summary of the point of the section.
4. Find 2 other verses to support your conclusion.
5. Write out 1-3 action points for him to work on toward the biblical truth learned.

We’re only two lessons in, but so far I LOVE IT. I think he likes it a lot too, and it’s definitely not a “fill in the blank” system for him. I’m excited to see how this challenges him in his walk with the Lord!!! If you’re looking for a new way to challenge your teen son, I highly recommend these books!

Do you have any other great teen boy bible study or devotional tools? What’s worked for your family? 🙂


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