Landry Academy – Registration Opens Today for Fall 2016-2017

I’ve blogged a few times about our experience with Landry Academy.

Here are a couple posts about our experiences so far…

Landry Academy Week 1 (Pre)review

Landry Academy Mid-Semester Review

and less helpful – but important to know they run AMAZING discount specials:

Landry Christmas Specials



If you happen to have purchased some generic semesters and want to register for classes for the fall – registration opened this morning. I’ve already stalked the site and signed up both kids for a year long core course (one foreign language, one English), and one elective each for the fall semester (one programming, one art). I’m super excited about the picks the kids and I made (I helped with the core requirement).


Again, I’m not sponsored in any way by Landry. (I am always open for options, LOL!! I’d love to do a give away!) I’m just a fairly cheap homeschool mom looking for cool options to keep my teens engaged – and Landry fits the bill marvelously!!


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