The Smoothie Secret

As part of this whole foods 100 Days of Real Food challenge, we have to eat 2 fruits and/or vegetables with every meal. For breakfast the easiest way for me to do this is with a smoothie. I made it the first couple of days with blueberries, fresh pineapple and almond milk. Then the pineapple ran out. I had fairly sour smoothies for a couple of days when I decided to throw some grapes into the Ninja.


Yes, pineapple is better tasting but WOW grapes sweetened up the whole smoothie. It was like ice cream.


I threw all the grapes we had into a zip lock and into the freezer before they went bad. From there I’ve been sticking a few (5-6?) in with my fruit and almond milk and it’s perfect. Fruity. Sweet. Not bitter. Today I even added unsweetened homemade yogurt and the grapes stood up to that!


Who knew? GRAPES!!!

Have you tried grapes in a smoothie before?


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