Over Thanksgiving our family made a road trip to Austin, Texas. It was a blast. We have family in Austin and it’s always great to get to spend time with them.

During the road trip (and OBVIOUSLY pre 100 Days of Real Food challenge…) we tried out some new dining spots…

SMASHBURGER was a good stop. The burger was fresh and yummy. The fries weren’t my favorite. I think that’s a good thing since looking at this picture might depress me otherwise. LOL!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE REI‘s stance on Black Friday. We shopped there because it’s an awesome store, and we wanted to vote with money. Go REI!!


I picked up a new cookbook at the Book People in Austin. If you’re in Austin and you like books – GO!! It’s an awesome independent book store.


A go-to stop for us whenever we can make one… IN n OUT Burger! Big and I made a stop on Black Friday when we went out to grab some deals. It is ALWAYS fun to chill with Big and we had a great time eating greasy burgers.


I’m hoping next year our review will be different. Lots of veggie places. Lots of locally sourced, organically raised meals. Fewer burgers. More whole wheat. I’m actually looking forward to it!!


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