Childhood Favorite

Well, minus the coffee! LOL!!


When I was growing up (back near Boston) we used to have donuts and coffee after church each week. There were 2 services, so I guess it was a way to bridge the two groups. My parents were on the rotation to pick up the donuts – at Dunkin – of course! They picked up 12 dozen donuts at a shot. Most of the donuts were straight dozens, but we’d get to pick one. And without fail, my favorites were the cream filled and chocolate glazed.

Since childhood they’ve “updated” (ruined!) the chocolate glazed, but the cream are still amazing. Honestly, I can only eat one about every two years, and that’s usually just picking at them and eventually eating one full donut. But it’s a yummy, nostalgic donut.

I recently had my biannual donut. (The nearest Dunkin is 90 minutes away.) It was great. They’re even better with an iced coffee, two creams, no sugar. Much better than the orange juice of my youth!


One thought on “Childhood Favorite

  1. I went back to Boston (I grew up there too, well west) back in October and the chocolate glazed was pure disappointment! I couldn’t believe it. Their signature donut and the pure delight of every child growing up, is now chemical ridden and chemical tasting and not to mention HALF the size. So sad. I now go for the coffee. Although I have to tell them to use “real” sugar instead of that soupy glop they call sugar. I too remember church and donuts. It was awesome to start Sunday’s hyped on tasty sugar and OJ. Ahhh memories…

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