What a week… November 16, 2015

You know it’s been a long week when your Friday weekly wrap-up happens on Monday, and it starts with a picture like this…

Last week we started some repair and renovations. Day one was roof work. We have a great contractor, and we really like his team lead…and, dh was able to be there for the start. All great things.

This was Monday. Lots of mess. We his at the library….Starbucks…a bagel shop…pretty much everywhere but home.


We schooled out of the trunk for the week. I’m grateful my kids are flexible and we actually got some work done.


Thursday was a nightmare day. Long story short, cracked tooth. Much repair work ahead. Many tears. Middle age sticks. Please pray for me.

Incidentally, the fish we’re not very calming.


Football helped a little. My team got crushed though.


And the fact that after the world’s worst dental visit, I found out that my FIL was coming. This inspired a quick and effective clutter attack. It was much needed and it really made me feel better.

FIL arrived with an ADORABLE puppy. Her name is Oreo. We all feel in love.


Especially Little…. It was very, very mutual.


Unfortunately, Little Bit came with fleas. I did all I could to contain the puppy, clean the house, bombed my dogs, bombed my house… We’ll see if it works. |||sigh|||

On the bright side, the week ended. We got to see FIL and Oreo. At some point the house, and the teeth, and the flea situation, will be fixed. School will resume. Life week return to normal.

Now that it’s Monday, I’m thankful for the challenging days to contast the good ones. I know God had my best in mind. I know the frustrations will pass. I know. Which is a good thing, or this week would have hurt a whole lot more.


Amsterdam, I miss you…


I was going to class this up with a real plate, but I’m keeping it real.

Paper plate. Cheap paper plate, even. You know, the kind you have to work hard to only get one plate. Yeah. Love it.

The customs guys thought we were nuts for the boxes of, essentially, chocolate sprinkles that we brought home. I’m so glad we brought them hone. Wow. Our sprinkles here are so lame.

So this morning I’m missing Amsterdam. I’m having hagelslag on toast. Yum. Super yum.

With a side of iced coffee…

And chemistry.

Homeschooling is so cool.