Travel Day? No, Errand Day.


Today’s not a real “travel day”. It’s more like an errand day which included a couple flights.

Today we went to complete our Global Entry interviews. We travel enough that the expedited customs and TSA precheck are totally worth it for us. If you’re interested, the process was SUPER simple.

1. Fill out online application, pay $100 non refundable fee (per person). The application took me about 20 minutes, and less for the kids. It’s a lot of standard “addresses for last 5 years” kind of stuff. You will need a passport and your driver’s license to finish it.

2. About 2 weeks later I got the emails that we were ready for the interview. You schedule these online at a location most convenient for you. For us, a short flight was easiest. (Or it’s a 5 hour drive…) The offices are all over the country.

3. Take your passport, id, and any other paper work and go do your interview. All three of us took 20 minutes…. combined. They even started on time! With a little running, (and a short discussion with a CLUELESS security agent), we even made our tight connection back home.

4. Wait for approval email. They say 7-14 days….I had the kid’s before we boarded out flight home. I assume mine took longer because I’m old, (and thus have more history…LOL!!). I’d be shocked if it’s not in my inbox when we land. (ETA – By 3 pm all were approved. Easy peasy!)

That’s it. Super simple. Good for 5 years. So worth it!! You can read more official stuff about it here.


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