Week in Review – 10/23/15






I LOVE fall. It’s absolutely my favorite season. Cool weather, beautiful colors, pumpkin spice stuff (though this year I have not indulged at all!), and FOOTBALL. It’s awesome. I hope your fall is starting well!

This week was our first real week back after our nearly 2 week fall break. Granted, that included nearly a week of “field trip” travel time, but being a girl of routine I am thrilled to be back in the swing of things.
As usual after traveling I was convinced I needed to eat better… so I tried the whole Eat to Live program and made it 2 days. I think it’s a record. I am thrilled with some stuff I learned and I am thinking about a smoothie dinner tonight.



Monday was Scout Night. It was our monthly marathon – Little as a Den Chief, then scouts, then the monthly committee meeting.  I’m the committee chair so I spent some time texting an eagle scout candidate on how to wrap up his project. Fun stuff!



Wednesday night was church ladies’ night. We normally do a monthly dinner, but interest has been waning and I felt called to step it up. This month I made salad and we met for game night. It was a blast. One of the sweet Titus 2 ladies brought me these beautiful flowers as a thank you. So sweet!!


Most of the week was spent with school work… TKD… piano… chores… and general living. This is Big taking a Biology test on the ipad….



Friday night was DATE NIGHT. A friend and I set up a couple on a blind date, and we all went so there wasn’t any solo weirdness (they’re adults…). It was so fun. Big baked cookies, we made a picnic dinner, and we all spent the night at the Corn Maze. It was so fun and I believe Date #2 is being arranged. I hope it works out!!!


By the end of the week Boots was tired out. She was working on a nap on me while I was working on math.


I fought the “tired out”s with a little java!



As we head into the fall one thing I LOVE right now (and will be enforcing today!) is my Thankful boards. The kids call it my “Forced Thankfulness Program”, which is hysterical and makes me glad I have funny teens. Today, back to the rule “no thankfulness, no food”. Apparently salty treats are a big hit in my house…



So, how was your week? Anything exciting upcoming?


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