Review: Stinky Kid Math

Math. Oh, sweet love that is MATH. Some love it (like me!!) and others, well, not so much. Today I’m reviewing a cool math supplement, Stinky Kid MathStinky Kid Math is a video based teaching tool to help parents and students “get” math. To check out more reviews from other crew members on both games, click HERE or on the banner below.


Stinky Kid Math Review 

Stinky Kid Math Review 

How does it work?
Stinky Kid Math is an online subscription video streaming service. There are also worksheets connected with many of the videos, but Stinky Kid Math is not currently a full curriculum, (there are gaps with Common Core Standards). Stinky Kid Math covers “algebra and geometry”, though I would definitely say it would start in what is commonly considered “pre-algebra”.


The basic premise is that the Stinky Kid has a house, and rooms to rent, and through the story and associated visuals, kids can learn algebraic principles. The story of the Stinky Kid was a little long winded for us, though the cute green guy was a hit with me and my son.

We used the videos to supplement Saxon Algebra 1 which my 8th grader is working through. We used Stinky Kid Math by “cherry picking” videos as we needed them to clarify concepts and review things we had forgotten from pre-algebra. When we used the videos we really liked that the videos have REAL people teaching, not a screen with a voice and a moving pen. I think a lot of kids connect much better with people and facial expressions and that’s a big selling point for Stinky Kid Math. Another thing we liked was the length of the videos. They’re short. Like, 5 minutes or less, short. For kids struggling to learn something, that’s a great target time and helps students not feel overwhelmed.

Lastly, the search feature was very helpful. I found it useful in matching the concepts from our book to the learning library on Stinky Kid Math.

Any bad parts?

As I said in the intro to this review, I am a math person. My mom was a math person, as was my dad. We speak Math at home. For me, using math terms (even with kids who struggle with math) is important. It seemed that the Stinky Kid Math program purposely tries to avoid math language. “Numbers on top” replaces “Numerator”, for example. Since I don’t have kids that struggle with math I don’t know if this is an advantage, but for me, it was distracting and overly simplistic.

I will admit that my kids and I were easily distracted by the backgrounds. I totally LOVE that real teachers with REAL faces are talking to the kids, but we spent more time trying to read the coffee shop menu instead of paying attention. (Y’all know I LOVE iced coffee…)



If you have a child who struggles in understanding math concepts, Stinky Kid Math is definitely worth a look. For $9.99/month you get unlimited access to all the videos, worksheets, and amplifying books (written amplification of the video material).  Yes, there are free options out there, but if those don’t connect with you kids – then please give Stinky Kid Math a try. It definitely approaches concepts from a different perspective than many free options, and does so with simplicity and clarity.


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