Fun Middle School Science

As I’ve shared before, I’m having Little take a substantially more unconventional science route this year. He’s already completed an official “8th Grade Science” curriculum, so we decided to made this year more fun. For part of science he’s taking an EV3 Lego Robotics course through Landry Academy. I’ve reviewed Week 1 with Landry here, but now into Week 3 we’re loving this class. It’s been awesome for him to be forced into using the robot and making cool projects.

One of the other approaches we’re taking is for Little to work through the Make : Electronics book by Chris Platt. The book is full of fascinating information on electronics, in a totally readable format. There are 36 experiments in the book. Little is working through 4 experiments a week. We’ll definitely slow down as the projects get more complex.


Today he’s making a lemon juice battery. Cool middle school stuff here.


One thing we did to make the whole process easier was to buy the kit from Radio Shack. The kit covers pretty much everything for experiments 1-11 and was about $76 on sale*. They have another kit for the second half of the book*. I suspect with the length of the book and taking a cursory look at the projects/experiments, by using kits 1 and 2 and working through this book will give Little a great background in electronics. As a third facet to his science work – we’ll have him work through some merit badges for stuff we’re already doing (robotics, for example), and this series will be great for his electronics merit badge.


Another look at the fun. What do you think? Super fun for the 12-14 year old crowd, or what!?



* I just got home from Radio Shack… The kit 1 at my local store was 25% off, making it $76, and Kit 2 was 50% off making it $59. Score!!!


One thought on “Fun Middle School Science

  1. Have you ever tried the stuff from EEME ( I don’t have kids that age any more but it looks similar. I think hands-on activities like the one your son is doing make so much sense. We used more “conventional” curriculum – but we also did Science Olympiad and all of my 4 kids did events that had a large hands-on component. They learned so much more like that

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