Review: Dig It! Games – Roman Town (iOS App)

Reviews here aren’t always about books and curriculum!! Today I’m reviewing a cool ios app – Roman Town. The Roman Town app is brought to us by Dig-It! Games and is one of two reviews the crew is doing this week. The other review is for another Dig-It! Games products the online game Mayan Mysteries.  To check out more reviews from other crew members on both games, click HERE or on the banner below.

Dig-It! Games Review

Dig It! Games Review


How does it work?

For this review I was provided a free download of the game,  Roman Town. The game normally retails for $0.99 on itunes. After updating my ios to ios 8 (I know, I know!! LOL!! I’m just not one for updating!) I easily downloaded the game. Once it was downloaded I turned my ipad over to my 14 year old all-things-ancient-history-lover.


Dig It! Games Review


In simplest terms – Roman Town is a fun game for kids to learn about Roman History. While exploring Pompeii the players are tying to track down a thief. By solving puzzles embedded in the game the players uncover clues to capture the thief. Throughout the game are interesting facts and data about Roman history.  The graphics are great and the games a fun to play, so it makes learning history fun and engaging.

From a Mom perspective there were a couple things about the game I really liked. First, the game doesn’t require the internet once it’s downloaded. We fly a lot and I really dislike games that once you download them, (and they’re an app), you still need internet to play. This doesn’t – which was great when Little played it on a plane recently! Another thing I love – NO “friends”. Yes, my kids love app games that they can interface with friends. I do not. I am always worried about creepy people online, and this game is a stand alone so you don’t have to worry about that. I love that feature of this game! Educational, fun, and SAFE. I’m a fan!!


Dig It! Games Review

Some of the problems are critical thinking and logic games…

Dig It! Games Review

Others are more linked to the “Roman” theme like deciphering Roman Numerals.

Any bad parts?

Both of my kids really enjoyed this game. The one thing that was a detractor was that Big finished the game in about 2 hours. She’s not a huge gamer (she prefers cruising Pinterest to Minecraft, LOL!) but she’s great at puzzles and logic games. At 14 Big found the games and puzzles to be repetitive, so I think she may be above the age range for this game. Overall, she did enjoy playing Roman Town.



This is a fun game that would be a great compliment to any elementary-aged student’s study of Rome. It’s engaging, the graphics are good, and the puzzles are fun without being frustrating. The historical information is interesting and well presented. With the recommendation of my kids, I think this would be good for kids aged about 7-10. My older kids weren’t challenged with the puzzles and games, so they felt it would be best suited for younger kids. They both also felt that Roman Town would be good for the younger crowd from a knowledge standpoint as well. My kids have a lot of Roman studies under their belts (and an unbelievable love for all things Horrible History) they didn’t feel they learned a lot about Rome. They did think it would have been a lot of fun when they were younger and both felt the game would be a hit with younger Rome lovers!


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