Bible Bee – The Nationals Update

After writing about our crazy start to this year’s FULL homeschool schedule, it’s likely not a surprise that today I’m sharing about how we’ve made the decision to drop out of the National Bible Bee.

We LOVE the Bible Bee. LOVE!! This was our third year participating and the Bee is definitely a high point of our summer. We love the study and the scripture memory. We love the challange. We LOVE the fellowship.

This year Big really wanted to “make the cut” and get to Nationals. Last year she missed the cut… by one question. Needless to say she was a little disappointed, and despite hard challenges and scheduling hurdles this summer – she worked really hard, studied hard, and made the cut!

She was thrilled!! We started attacking the nationals study list with vigor. She was doing really well.

Then, we got the final memory list. With the list we came to the realization that if she wanted to participate (and not really compete – mostly COMPLETE) she’d have some hard decisions to make. A co-op class would have to be dropped… and a 12 week break from TKD was needed… and the robotics team wouldn’t fit in this year. With those shelved for the fall, she’d still need to get up early and stay up late studying.

And let me say this really clearly – studying God’s Word is a GREAT thing. Memorizing God’s Word is a GREAT thing. We do both of those things as a regular part of our lives. Adding to that time is a GREAT thing.

But this year, for Big, dropping everything else would not be a benefit to her. Right now. This year. She’s less than a year from earning her black belt. She’s worked on this for YEARS. She’d likely have to end her TKD career as a don bo if she took the time off for the Bee this year. I think she would grieve not making it to black belt for a LONG, long time.

The chemistry class she’s taking feeds her love for science and the co-op will provide a much needed group of nice kids to hand out with. The robotics team is similarly a great fit for her. She needs those outlets this year. Dropping them would be counterproductive for her.

I know that every family is different and the paths God has for our kids are different. We are THRILLED to participate in the Bee and we’re already looking forward to next year. We’re excited to be able to pray for and encourage others taking the plunge and preparing for Nationals. It’s an AWESOME goal. To keep up our memory work Big and I set a goal to memorize 1 John before Nationals. We have loved our time doing memory work together to prepare for Nationals and we really want to keep that up – even without our heading to San Antonio. [Honestly, we’ve been SHOCKED at home much she can retain with just a little focus! I’m nervous to join her, but I think I can do it!] For us, this year, hiding 1 John in our hearts and seeking balance in the activities that Big participates in – that will be a fabulous Bible Bee win for our family!!

How about your family? Did the Bee challenge you in your walk with the Lord? Are you headed to Nationals? Can we pray for you!?


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