Week in Review – 21 August (but late…)

Last week was a wild ride – as you can tell by the fact that I am doing my Weekly Report on a Monday! With many of us slogging through the first few weeks of school and getting the balance of school and home in order, I’m sure you can commiserate with my feeling a little overwhelmed!

Last week was our first FULL week of school. By that I mean – all academics, all extra curricular activities, Bible Bee, everything.

It. was. nuts.

First thing Monday morning Little had his first online class with Landry Academy. We’d prepared, read up, tested all the gear… But there’s always a learning curve. The class went well, but I’ll be honest and say we struggled through the first week’s assignments and expectations. Some grading criteria changed mid week, we emailed the instructor and didn’t hear back, and it was generally a tough week trying to figure out what was due when and in what format. I think everyone struggled since this morning (Little is in class now) the instructor extended the deadlines and the kids need to resubmit everything. I’m sure a lot of our growing pains are due to lack of familiarity – but so far the online classes are FAR from hands off for me.

As hands off as I could get would be working on my coloring book…


With the art class came some projects and I LOVE them. Little will learn a lot in this class, I am sure. So far I am… This is my fruit drawing…


Little made a cube to display the 6 elements of design…


And he completed a fruit drawing of his own outlining the 6 coloring techniques. He made about 6 drafts of this one. I am proud of him for sticking through until he had one he was proud of turning in!


Big had one online class that was a little more straightforward – writing. It went well and I think the class will be a great fit for her. She also started her first co-op class, EVER. A friend of mine teaches at a local CC, and she’s offering chemistry this year. For a whole variety of reasons it’s a great choice for her, so with a carpool plan in place I’m hoping this class will work out well for her. We’re both anxious to see what the workload is (she’s already taking BJU Bio and we’re not dropping it!) and how the class time will impact our week. I’m very hopeful it will be a win.


Later in the week Little had his online robotics class. More learning curve – for him and for me! I think this will be an AWESOME class, but we’ve got to get our feet under us! [As an aside, after spending more time reading through every page in his class profile, I think we’re making HUGE strides in learning the system for this class. Thankfully DH helped with some technical issues, and I think by tonight we’ll be much smoother sailing on this one. Thank you DH!!!]

Needless to say I was THRILLED when a couple of activities got cancelled at the end of the week. I was worn out. TKD was cancelled Thursday night, and I cancelled out of Bible Study (which I hated to do, but it worked out well for my friend), and robots Friday night was cancelled. It ended up being an AWESOME quiet Friday night after a run to Hobby Lobby for more art supplies (LOL!!) and other than a bunch of drops and picks from Nigel (my car) Saturday, it was pretty chilly too. It’s funny how this year’s “chill” was last year’s “NUTS!!!”.

I think the dog was even a little worn out.


So that was last week.

This week – crazier. Week 4 of official schooling… 3 online classes… 1 co-op class… piano… piano lessons… robots daily if we can make it… scouts… scout trip… oh my…. there’s even more!!!

What’s on your schedule this week!?!?!

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