Yesterday was a Monday.

A real one.

A MONDAY if you know what I mean.


This is our first week where we check to see if my normal fall-semester-school-year-plan, and all it’s moving parts, works. I was nervous to see if it would all work (and I still am… it’s only Tuesday!).


We started with a 6:45 wake up. I went for a walk and panicked that I had the online class time wrong for Little, so I went home and checked. 8. Good. Finished the walk.


Class for Little went well, except that every time I poked my head in to ask how it was I got a sad look and, “You just talked over the teacher and I missed something.” My bad. Big and I knocked out math, and then she went on to her work list.


Then Little needed to head to the orthodontist… It went fine. Except now the boy is in pain. And a little whiny. Understandably.  We had shakes for lunch. Well, brunch. And I made pizza for lunch. Even the dough…


…Except that while making said lunch I broke my FAVORITE mixer blade. I love you Amazon – the replacement will be here Wednesday. (If you don’t have one – the beater blade is AMAZING!!)





More school…and discovering it was WARM… VERY warm.

Yeah, a/c is out. This is a minor issue in the Deep South in late August. Not really. It’s pretty huge. Thankfully, it was unseasonably cool and cloudy!! Praise God!! And, thankfully DH was where I could call him and he arranged for the a/c guys to come by. (Update – AC is fixed! YAY!)


Lunch…with Carl Azuz. It’s great to have him back!


On to afternoon stuff… two scout events…a couple of longish drives…and my brilliant “leave my phone at home” maneuver. Nice.

With the end in sight (and a friend from scouts driving Little home) I decided to pick up dinner at a drive through. Another Monday fail. After waiting almost 20 minutes (really, I timed it), with no cars moving I left. Thankfully, there wasn’t anyone behind me and I could back out. So I went home and badge a mostly tasteless stir fry. It was pretty sad. Even my PF Chang knock off garlic snap peas weren’t very good.


The night closed out with some bible memory… Next Food Network Star (go Eddie!)… and the kids orchestrating a great practical joke before I went to sleep (rotten stinks!).  Unfortunately, this Monday would not end (likely my late afternoon Coke didn’t help) and I feel asleep fitfully about 2… Ugh.

I am normally a lover of all things Monday, but today, I am SO thankful it’s Tuesday!!


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