High School Electives – AeroScholars Course 1 – Fundamentals of Aviation Science

I know when I look to sign up one of my kids for a class online, I start looking around to see if anyone has reviewed it first. I like first hand experiences – some been there / done that in the trench details.


One class my daughter took last year that I’ve been anxious to review was the AeroScholars Course 1 – Fundamentals of Aviation Science online course. She took the class in the Spring of 2015.

Format: Online, self paced, video library streaming with an online text and online tests/quizzes. No part of the course is live.

Text: Online (or you can purchase a real book – I did – used on Amazon for about $13-18). It’s called Aerospace: The Journey of Flight.

Cost: $225 for a semester

Ages: Big took it in 8th grade (and aced it – but she’s a space and aviation NUT). It’s advertised as a High School class.

Perks: For an additional cost ($150?) you can transfer into college credit.


How’d it work?

Each student is assigned a kind of mentor online. If they have issues they call/email that person. We received good, clear information from our person. Once the class starts (it’s a semester system – so you start at a certain date and have to end by a certain date) the pace is up to the student. A suggested course schedule is available online. We pretty much followed the schedule, doubling up as needed for breaks and travel.


The pace was totally reasonable for a high school elective course.  For each chapter I had Big complete the assigned reading, then do the online portions (videos, etc) then complete any quizzes or tests. There were also a few extra credit assignments, and a couple of things she had to do on her own (airport tour, etc.). Overall the class took about 45 minutes a day 4-5 days a week for the semester.



Well, I’d say this was a totally reasonable Intro to Aero course. It covered a lot – basic of airplane designs, aerodynamics, weather, aviation careers, etc. It was a solid basic class. DH and I both have a bit of aviation experience and we thought it was a very good class with very good, age-appropriate amounts of information. The text is used by the Civil Air Patrol and is a fabulous book for anyone 13+ interested in aviation – even if they don’t take the class.



We really enjoyed the class and will enthusiastically sign Big up for Aero 2 in a year or so. If you have a kid interested in flying, this is a great intro class. If you’re looking for an interesting, well -designed, hands-off elective for a high schooler – this is a great pick.
Big’s Review?

“I loved it!”


If you have any questions – feel free to comment and I’ll answer what I can!

And, in case you’re wondering, this review is all my opinion. We weren’t compensated in any way, and we paid for the class and books ourselves.


3 thoughts on “High School Electives – AeroScholars Course 1 – Fundamentals of Aviation Science

  1. THANK YOU!!! for this info. My oldest daughter can’t wait to earn her private pilots license. I have been looking all over for HS homeschooling curriculum that meets that desire… This is perfect and I really appreciate your review.

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