FitBit Shame

I think this may be one of those posts that I regret. You know, the one about how great a diet is going… or school is swinging along perfectly… or I’m working out.

Yeah. I may regret this.

But I’m doing it anyway.


I was talking to a friend about a week ago and somehow we got on the topic of the fitbit.  She started using hers a couple of months ago and it’s been awesome for her. She started slowly, then over the next couple of months built up to 10,000 steps a day, every day. After talking to her I decided I’d jump in too. I’ve been wanting to walk more, but I’ve been lazy. Truth be told, I have a bum hip, but really, I’ve been weak. I’m trying to be honest here. It hurts.
With my bud’s encouragement I did a little google-ing. I found this totally reasonable challenge:

The 30 Day Walking Challenge


This is a screen shot of the first 11 days…


With the plan and my fitbit charged, I started the week….






I started out on Monday. A walk to start the day. A mile. I think I may have made it 1.2. Whatever. It was short. Then… at the end of the day I hit 6000-ish. One walk. 15-20 minutes.


The next day I went 1.5… and I hit 8000 steps.


Later in the week I went 2 miles… and ended up with 11000 steps for the day.


Thursday my hip was getting iffy, so I lightened up. 1.6 in the morning. And later – 10,000 steps.


I am a believer. There is seriously something weird about the FitBit.


I hate to admit it – but it makes me move.


A lot more.

I park further away. I take a walk in the morning. I take another lap around WalMart. Or two. I push my grocery cart with one hand.  I don’t send the kids in to the store.


Yeah. I think I’ll regret this. But right now, I’m loving my FitBit.


I’m a believer. 5000 steps tomorrow.

Yeah, I got this.


Any chance you’re a FitBit-er??


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