Week in Review – 7 August 2015

I’m excited to share that we’ve finished the FIRST OFFICIAL WEEK OF SCHOOL. It’s also the FIRST OFFICIAL WEEK OF HIGH SCHOOL in our homeschool history, so that’s pretty exciting. All -in-all, the week went really well and I think we’re off to a good start. In fact, Little commented last night, “I’m glad that school is fun and easy this year. Or maybe it’s easy because I like what we’re doing. I think that makes it easier.” Well said!


As always, here’s the Iced Coffee of the Week:


It’s a new brand I found at our local grocery. It’s delicious, but out of the jug it was a little too sweet for me. I added a little of my cold brew concentrate, and it’s perfect. This jug will not last long.


In addition to school, which I will share about in a second, life continued to happen this week. What is up with that?! The washer decided that it would stop working, which was awesome. Not really. I’m just hoping the loads I didn’t catch aren’t super gross – since they were “washed” (the agitator wasn’t agitating), dried, and put up… We’ll see. I did manage the world’s fastest laundromat run yesterday to get DH’s work clothes ready.




Then, we did academics…

Math. Went well for both kids. Big and I had to have a bye day to catch up on the geometry that we didn’t do while I waited for the REAL geometry kits to arrive from Amazon. Otherwise, we’re making it. WOW does Advanced Math start FAST. No warm up here. Algebra 2 in spades, and harder. I’m glad my friend convinced me to do half a lesson daily for the whole year.



We’re still conquering the learning curve with BJU DVD biology. Wow. Lots of manuals. Lots of moving parts. Wow. I am SERIOUSLY considering switching to online. I think I will be calling BJU later today. Little is loving his science and watched a lot of Pumkin Chumkin this week.


I also spent some time making sure all the stuff for Landry Academy classes are ready to go. Little will be taking robotics (all set), and art (mostly set – waiting on Amazon – who’s prices were unusually lower than Hobby Lobby… hmmm…), and Big will be taking Composition. So far I am SUPER impressed with Landry. Great communication, get tech help so far. I’m impressed.




Oh yeah. The mess of stuff is back. Sweet. Time to reinforce, “If school’s not picked up, school’s not over.”



And. EXCITEDLY…. We’re waiting with somewhat baited breath for the National Bible Bee test results and national rankings. We think that Big will make the cut this year!! We’re so excited. We’re likely behind the curve since she’s only memorized a couple National’s passages, but we’ll work hard if she makes it. Little may make the cut, but he isn’t interested in competing. We’re totally fine with that, actually. We require summer participation and a best effort – but Nationals – that’s a kid decision with all the time and effort it will take). I am so pleased that with all the travel (3 of 6 weeks during the Bee), and the printing, and all the changes – the kids finished strong. I’m very proud of them.




Lastly, we’re adjusting to Sonlight High School this year. So far the transition has been fairly smooth. We’re enjoying our daily conference times, and adjusting to the new system. I will say that both kids are TRUDGING through their first books. Peace Child and Til We Have Faces.  But, they’re making it and aren’t getting bogged down. I’m pleased with their attitudes.  We have done Sonlight long enough to know that we don’t love every book, but even the kids have seen the value in finishing them all. I’m glad we’ve done some SL before to make this easier. For Language Arts, I think I may have to adjust the amount of writing Little does. I think with Big’s writing class she’ll be set. We’ll see. I want to give the kids a couple weeks to get settled in before we change anything.



So, we’re back. Not really to “back to the grind”, but back in the routine. We’re making it work and smoothing in new stuff. For PE with year the kids have to run 4 times a week, so with the working out, dad being home a bit, extra curriculars (robotics and TKD are all in full force now), and time with friends (we actually had dinner guests this week!) we’re making it all work. I know the first few weeks are always a time of adjusting, and tweaking. I don’t expect anything different this year. My plan is to settle in and not travel until after Labor Day at the earliest (real travel, not road trips). Hopefully with a strong August and early September we’ll give ourselves a nice cushion. We’ll see. So far, I’m thrilled with the start of the 2015-2016 academic year!



So, how did your week go?

Have you started back to school or are you still planning and scheming?!


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7 thoughts on “Week in Review – 7 August 2015

  1. Hi there! Found your blog through the Weekly Wrap Up. Visiting for the first time. How does Landry Academy work for you? I have heard of it, but we haven’t attended before. Would love to hear about your experience. I hope you get your washer fixed too! Have a great week!

  2. Stopping by from the Weekly Wrap Up. Congrats on finishing your first week! We start back in Monday and my daughter is also going to be working through Core 200. Good luck with the rest of your year!

  3. I’m dropping in from Weekly Wrap Up! My kids are taking Landry classes too! Yeah, getting used to the BJU way of doing things is a challenge. We use the Sue Patrick Workbox method.

  4. Thanks for the glimpse into your first week back to school. Glad it was a great one! I’m getting one daughter off to college this week, and then have one more week of “rest” before diving into son’s 11th grade year. Visiting from Weekly Wrap-Up.

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