Review: Heirloom Audio Productions – With Lee in Virginia

A few months ago I shared a review of a great audio drama based on a G. A. Henty novel that we were asked to review, In Freedom’s Cause. I mentioned in the review that the same production company would be releasing more material soon. We recently received the latest installment from Heirloom Audio ProductionsWith Lee in VirginiaTo say it was worth the wait would be an understatement! My review will follow, but if you’d like to read more Crew reviews, you can click HERE or on the banner below.


With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review 

With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
How does it work?

For this review I was provided a physical copy of the audio drama, With Lee in Virginia as well as access to the With Lee in Virginia Special Bonuses. My kids and I LOVE audio dramas, and books on audio, so we wanted to jump on this as soon as possible. At our earliest convenience (a family road trip!) we broke out the cd. We listened to the first half of the book on the way there, and the second n the return trip. The whole audio was a couple of hours long. We all thoroughly enjoyed it! Now, this  is a pretty big deal. A few years ago the book With Lee in Virginia was assigned and my kids hated it. It was the only book we dropped from our reading list that year. Actually, I made them do a 2-for-1 swap (you know, I’ll drop one book if you read 2 deals), which they willing took because they disliked With Lee so much. So, I was a little trepidatcious in doing this as an audio book. I’m so glad we did it! We all really enjoyed the book, the story (a  ale retold to two teen boys – about two teen boys and their tales of fighting in the Civil War), the drama… basically the whole package. We really, really enjoyed it!



My overall observation – this is a FIRST CLASS audio drama. The actors are seasoned veterans with amazing resumes. Kirk Cameron (you know, old school in Growing Pains, and more recently amazing in Fireproof), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, but my favorite in Rudy). and Jim Weiss (Greathall Productions) round out an amazing cast with loads of other talented actors and actresses. The audio quality is also absolutely fabulous. Emmy award winner John Campbell wrote the score – which is fabulous. Without a doubt, the production value of this work is fabulous.

In addition to loving the actual audio drama, the quality of the “Special Bonuses” are FIRST RATE. Included is the digital version of With Lee in Virginia. We love to be able to skip the cd and go digital, so including this is awesome for our family! Another great bonus is a complete ebook of With Lee in Virginia. This copy has been digitally enhanced and the graphics are all updated – so this is a nice, smooth, professional copy. When your kids get excited about the book, and want to move on to read the story again, you’ll be set! In addition to the digital With Lee in Virginia, and ebook, you can download the soundtrack, a cast poster.

My favorite bonus that’s included in the set is the Study Guide and Discussion Starter. This is a GREAT discussion guide. It’s fabulously organized (with track numbers that correlate to the appropriate discussion topic) and super thorough. It contains maps, comprehension questions, vocabulary and more. You could use this with both the audio drama, and as a comprehension guide for the ebook. It’s really, really well done. One thing I love is that it’s accessible online, so no need to print or download it. I find that super helpful! We went through the audio so quickly that we didn’t use the discussion guide during the book, but even asking questions after the fact – the kids remembered the story line and details, so I think that’s a successful learning experience!


Any bad parts?

This may be a first for me… but NO I have no bad parts. None.


With three purchase options ($19.97 for digital download, $29.97 for a single cd and some extras, 0r $99.97 for a four pack of cds with loads of extras) and a 90 day money back guarantee, there is an option for every family and budget. This is a first rate, professionally acted and produced audio drama. This is a great story and a great production. I highly recommend it!!


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One thought on “Review: Heirloom Audio Productions – With Lee in Virginia

  1. Wow! Sounds fabulous! I’ve listened to a few Henty books, my favorite being the Cat of Bubastes (read by Weiss) — but as a “Lee in Virginia”, I will have to check this one out. Thanks for the review.

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