July Blogging Challenge – July 15-17 CAMERA, WAY BACK, READING

I’m joining in with a super fun blogging challenge with (hopefully!) blogging daily in July. I’m super excited to see what the month has in store.


For Day 15 – we’re to answer – CAMERA

For Day 16 – we’re to answer – WAY BACK

For Day 17 – we’re to answer – READING

AND, since I’m a terrible slacker I combined them all…


My D90, Tony. He replaced my D70, Gibbs. 🙂 Mostly I use my phone. It’s easier to upload. 🙂

My book list, minus Til We Have Faces. I’ve started the Zentangle book…and TWHF. I LOVE the original QBQ book, and have had my kids read it, so I’m looking forward to this one.

The photo…old school…a little creepy…sweet pants… Santa.

Three days. One photo. Now top get back on track!!


Thanks for visiting! I hope you come back tomorrow!




Want to meet lots of awesome bloggers? Check out the links to the 31 days of blogging sponsored by Jennifer at A Glimpse of Our Life and Lynn at This Day Has Great Potential.

July Blogging Challenge


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