July Blogging Challenge – July 12 – MEMORY

I’m joining in with a super fun blogging challenge with (hopefully!) blogging daily in July. I’m super excited to see what the month has in store.

For Day 12 – we’re to answer – MEMORY

Now, if you don’t live in the South, you might not know about one of the most important holidays of the year… COW APPRECIATION DAY. Since moving to our current home nearly 11 years ago, we’ve been huge fans of the holiday. Once of my favorite memories (and one where the kids recently found the photo, making this sweeter and funnier) was when I had the kids… and their friends… and their friend’s moms dress up for COW APPRECIATION DAY.

What’s the deal? Well, if you dress like a cow on CAD, Chick Fil A will give you a combo meal. Free. I love free! This is a great deal when you take, say, 11 kids to Chick Fil A all dressed like cows. It’s hysterical. Especially if the only Chick Fil A nearby is in the college dining facility. It creates quiet a stir! And years later, y’all will laugh at the costumes and craziness you all participated in – all for a chicken sandwich!! That’s a great memory!

So, today (even though I am a couple days late with this post) JULY 14th,  is COW APPRECIATION DAY. If you, like me, happen to own a full sized cow suit, break it out and go eat a spicy chicken sandwich meal.


Trust me, you won’t be the only one there being silly for free food! GO make a memory today!

Thanks for visiting! I hope you come back tomorrow!

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July Blogging Challenge


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