July Blogging Challenge – July 10 – TRAVEL

I’m joining in with a super fun blogging challenge with (hopefully!) blogging daily in July. I’m super excited to see what the month has in store.


For Day 10 – we’re to answer – TRAVEL

I travel a lot. Not a ton. But a lot. This year so far I’ve made 6 round trip, cross country /international trips. So, it’s not that I’m a triple platinum super flyer, but I fly enough to relate to the random traveler with kids – and have a good handle on where most everything is in Atlanta Hartsfield. LOL

On one of my recent trips I found the MOST AMAZING AWESOME travel bag.

It’s a backpack… large enough for my carry ons but small enough to fit under the seat in front of me on an RJ (regional jet – 50-70 seats)… lots of pockets…leather… awesome .

Here is is:


Swoon. Love. (I got it at TJ Maxx. On clearance. 75% off the original price.) And, a waterbottle. I’ll be honest – this whole post came together when the water bottle pictured spilled ALL THROUGH my bag, filling the bottom with water. I ended up using some product from the last picture to stop the insanity of water while on a flight. When I unpacked EVERYTHING to get it all dry I decided to make this a post. Anyway, this bottle has been replaced by a sweet orange HydroFlask, which also starts the trip empty. I refill as we go and always start a flight with a full bottle. And a tight lid.

I often read online about moms asking for advice about traveling with kids, so I thought it might be fun to share what I carry on a usual trip. I hope it’s a little bit helpful.


I will freely admit I am prone to over-preparation. I’m a bit of a worrier, and I hate to be caught off guard – especially when traveling. So I’ll start the tour with the basics – ibuprofen, Tums (I actually prefer the ones that work for 24 hours, but I had these on hand last trip), chocolate (or Luna bar or something in an emergency for my kid with blood sugar issues), reading and sun glasses (driving in the sun, with snow on the ground, WOW!).


Cords. Chargers for EVERYTHING. And, appropriate wall and car plugs.


This may seem like overkill, but I’ve used this ultra thin sleeping bag on countless occasions – cold airplanes, missed flights, picnic blanket, etc. The compression bag keeps it tight. It’s well worth the space to carry this.


We’re getting into advance traveling here. LOL!! Eyemask, toothbrush kit, socks, a couple of pens, lip balm, lotion. (Yes, the “wets” were later moved to the “liquids” bag. LOL!)


The best bag to pack little things – like the eye mask pile, or the cords, or both. I generally have a few small bags – meds, liquids, cords, etc.


The “liquids” bag that gets pulled out in security… lotion, awesome smelling hand sanitizer, a couple essential oils (peppermint for travel stomach, and pan away spray), lip balm, a few samples, EARPLUGS. And, not shown, sleep aids (Tylenol PM or just the PM stuff).


All contained and ready for security…


General stuff – a z pack, girl stuff, hand wipes, and of course, some iced coffee mix for an emergency.

So yes, I’m overprepared, but it’s worth it. I also carry passports, a wallet, and my phone. Some trips I carry an ipad, but honestly, I am a flight sleeper so I usually just nap and save the weight. I know my bag leans toward overkill – but when a kid is starving, or has a head ache, or I really can’t sleep – we’re ready. And I am a huge believer that being ready makes travel so much easier.


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July Blogging Challenge


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