Review: CursiveLogic

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a review, eh?! Well, wait no longer!! This time I’ll be sharing about a new product called CursiveLogic. This review is through my work with The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, and you can check out other team members review of the same product by clicking HERE or on the banner below.

CursiveLogic Review




How does it work?

The CursiveLogic cursive program is just that – a program for teaching cursive. Using a systemic approach, kids learn groups of letters (“groups”), and then learn to group the letters in what they call “strings”. The CursiveLogic workbook also makes the most of the use of color coding groups of letters, as well as smart use of verbal memory aids. All together this multi-sensory approach covers all the bases that a variety of learners (auditory, kinetic, etc.) would respond well to.




I decided to use the CursiveLogic workbook system on 12 year old Little. He has descent handwriting, but I haven’t put as much effort into perfecting his cursive as I should have. So, I was thrilled when I got the chance to work on this review.

As a part of the review I received a 96-page CursiveLogic workbook. The workbook (normally $29) is a beautifully made, high quality, top-spiral bound workbook. This is an exceptional quality book – which even has some dry erase pages for extra practice! I love the idea of the top-binding, since one of my kids is a lefty and traditional spiral binding can present a challenge. To say this is thoughtfully designed would be an understatement.

With my son, we read through the directions and I set him to work. He took to it easily and found the work very easy to understand. He worked through a huge portion of the book, and I can honestly say I see his handwriting improving. We will definitely be finishing up the workbook over the summer.

Any bad parts?

No. I really don’t see any bad parts. This is a well thought out system that is easy for the student to understand, and easy for the teacher to teach. I love that it’s one book, and my son really improved his handwriting. I think this system is clever and smartly designed.



Other Cool Things?

I’ll admit, I am a sucker for good design, and this system has great design. It’s clean. It’s uncluttered. It’s visually beautiful. It’s not fussy and it doesn’t have a million parts. I appreciate that this workbook could be used as easily for a first grader as it was for my eighth grader. I think it’s even totally appropriate for an adult looking to learn or brush up on cursive skills. It’s not silly or gimmicky. It’s just really well designed.


I really liked this system, and especially the exceptional design of this product. It does what it advertises – teaches cursive in a clean, easy to present manner, packaged in a way that any age would feel comfortable using the materials. If you’re looking to start, or to reteach an older student, cursive – CursiveLogic is definitely worth a look!


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