July Blogging Challenge – July 6 – 10

I’m joining in with a super fun blogging challenge with (hopefully!) blogging daily in July. I’m super excited to see what the month has in store.



Today, 10 things about me…

1. I am a Red Sox fan. Even when they stink. Like this year. I grew up on Fred Lynn, The Yaz, and revered Wade Boggs in high school.

2. I have sailed (mostly – motored some) across the North Atlantic.

3. I’ve been to 49 states. I am taking the kids to the 50th this year. Can you guess which one I’m missing??

4. I used to watch every minute of the Tour de France. LOVED it. Cheered Lance and was thrilled for Floyd Landis. Then the wheels came off the whole sport. I can’t get into it anymore though I do occasionally catch a stage. I’m super disappointed every July.

5. We’re participating in our third year of the National Bible Bee this summer. While I’m struggling with the changes, it’s been a TREMENDOUS blessing to our family. I love the time we spend memorizing verses and studying God’s word.

6. I am a worrier and I stress out a lot. Thankfully God placed DH in my life and he knows how to talk me down. He’s amazing.

7. I was a huge sports person in my youth. I LOVED baseball, softball, basketball, lacrosse… I played 3 sports a year in high school. I played in college. I was a regional all star in one sport in college. DH was a soccer player for years and years. Strangely, our kids aren’t sports kids and we don’t push them. I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t, but I don’t want to be one of “those” parents. My kids are thriving in TKD, so I think they’ve found their spot. I’m also a little guilty that I LOVE the fact that I don’t spend thousands of dollars and every free weekend at a hotel watching soccer games.

8. I can’t read anywhere as fast as my son, though I read at about the same speed as my DD. They are shockingly fast readers.

9. I asked my DD to say one thing about me…

“Just one thing?” she asked.

“Yup. One thing.” I replied.

— long pause of cricket chirping —

“Usually you’re pretty good with any scheme I come up with.”

I think that means I take her bucket list seriously.

10. Then I trepidatiously asked DS…

“One thing? Like an adjective? Diligent.”

I was smugly blushing with the compliment.

Then he shot in… “I’ll go with opinionated.”

Ouch. The mouth of babes.


Thanks for visiting! I hope you come back tomorrow!


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July Blogging Challenge


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