July Blogging Challenge – July 5 – HOME

I’m joining in with a super fun blogging challenge with (hopefully!) blogging daily in July. I’m super excited to see what the month has in store.


For Day 5 – we’re to answer – HOME

To me, home is with my family. We have a house. It’s a wonderful house (most of the time!). We have a/c and a safe place to sleep and grow and share.

But to me, home is my family.

I know it’s a little cliche, but with out schedules and the craziness of our life we’ve always stressed to our kids that “a house is a house, but home is us together”.

As far as our house goes, we have a smoking bed and a great couch. Those are my favorite “house things” I think. I also love the pictures of the kids from when they were little, and we were young! LOL!

Thanks for visiting! I hope you come back tomorrow!


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July Blogging Challenge


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