July Blogging Challenge – July 1 – WHO

I’m joining in with a super fun blogging challenge with (hopefully!) blogging daily in July. I’m super excited to see what the month has in store.


For Day 1 – we’re to answer – WHO? Who are we?

For ease, I’m sharing from my “about me” page…

I’m a Bostonian by birth, transplanted to the Deep South nearly 21 years ago. God’s leading through a career in the Coast Guard and the love of my life that brought me here. I love it and wouldn’t change it for anything! I visit the North often for family and canollis, but they can have the cold. I am fluent in both “wicked”, “cah pahking”, and “y’all”.

I am a Jesus-lover, and grateful for Salvation through Christ’s death. If you haven’t experienced freedom in Christ – please take a minute to watch this!

I am the homeschool mom of 2 kids – 12 and 14. We’ve homeschooled for the whole ride, and Lord willing plan to until they head into college courses. We love homeschooling and the ability to make our own schedules. We’re classical leaning eclectics in our curriculum choices. We love to do volunteer and mission work, camp, kayak, and travel. We have 2 amazingly spoiled dogs who join us on adventures… and naps. Thanks for coming to visit!


Some fun facts… I don’t think it translates well here on the blog, but in real life I’m most know for being funny. Very funny, if I do say so myself. I’ve even done some stand up at Mom’s Night Out with our homeschool group.


We travel. I think a lot for a normal family. We love it.

I love to bake and I have a SERIOUS addiction to small appliances. My latest acquisition is… I’ll have to share that later this month!!

I can rarely watch a movie at home – but I can watch ten episodes of a tv show in a row on Netflix without an issue! LOL!

I love office supplies and some day I’m going to get back into paper crafts. Really.

So that’s me. I love iced coffee. And cheese. And chocolate. Not all together though.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you come back tomorrow!


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July Blogging Challenge


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