Competitive Lamp Building

After cutting one cord (literally) on one floor lamp and the fiddly switch giving out on the other one, our living room was recently left lightless. I went to Lowe’s and was looking at replacements, and not seeing anything I loved, I opted for cheaper table lamps.  I was going to get two different style lamps, but then I thought it would be fun to have a round of…




Two kids…

two lamps…


It’s a relatively small sport, lamp building. It’s not deck building (which we’ve spent much of or week doing) or pool handstands (which we will do later today). But it’s real… (hmmm…)

I just heard from the arena, in a sportscaster voice ” —- pulls into the lead with a completed table!”

In under 15 minutes two lamps were built. A victor gloated, so they got to take the trash out. Of her win Big remarked, “I credit my victory to building IKEA chairs.”

“Not the directions?”

“No, I didn’t use them.”

Life skills and chores CAN be fun. Not always, but sometimes. 🙂


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