High School Planning: Rocket German

This spring I’ve started looking into our High School plan. It makes me sweat with fear and to be honest, I am a little overwhelmed. We’re planning on moving fairly soon, so in addition to looking into local laws, I’m learning new ones, projecting our plans, and trying to make sure Big is prepared for ALL of her dreams. It’s a big order. So, I’m trying to take it one bite at a time…


Big needs at least 2 years of foreign language. We’ve done Latin in the past, and I think that’s a great foundation, but she really wanted to try something else. Sure! I’m game.

She picked… German. Seriously. I don’t speak German. DH doesn’t. We’re not in a good community for it. But, I’m game! Her grandmother (step, but who cares!) is a native German speaker, and her GrandPop is learning German. We also have some friends who speak it. With that encouragement, I started researching.

First, we looked at the Oklahoma State German Online program. It had good reviews, but we weren’t wowed by the videos. “Outdated” would be a compliment.  Now, we don’t need slick, but they were super fuzzy and a little dry.

We have Rosetta Stone Spanish. We don’t LOVE it, so I’m not interested in investing again. (And honestly, if I’m not making Big use it, you can tell I’m a little ambivalent.)

I looked into the Middlebury College high school Interactive Languages. I wasn’t totally wowed. I wanted to be. My sister is a Middlebury graduate. 🙂

I looked into the BYU High School distance learning program German. This one looks really good, but I really don’t want a classroom set up just yet. Maybe for level 2. I think this will be on the reserve list.

I looked into The Potter’s School. They had good recommendations, but again, I’m trying to keep this independent learning. I want to be able to travel during the school year and not be tied to a schedule, and I want her to start this summer to lighten the load in the fall. For that reason TPS didn’t make the cut.

After all the research, I decided that for German 1, Big would use ROCKET GERMAN.

What do I like about it?

  • It was highly reviewed online.
  • It’s very thorough. (I’m having cut and paste issues, so you’ll have to check the site to see what I mean, sorry!!)
  • It’s funny and engaging.
  • It has a really solid speech recognition element.

Here’s our plan…

1. In Level 1, there are about 66 lessons, about an hour long each, minimum. She will complete those, and then move to Level 2. There are 3 levels in the program so we’ll have plenty of time to meet the 120-140 hour requirements for a high school credit.

2. We will supplement with writing assignments, and maintaining a student notebook.

3. We will add in conversation with grandparents for practice.

4. We will also add in a German workbook recommended by GrandPop’s wife, “Auf deutsch, bitte!, Übungsheft“.

5. We are planning on taking an immersion field trip in the fall. This is my favorite part of the plan! 🙂

I’m pretty happy with this plan. We’ve started this summer with about 45 minutes a day. Big is having fun, and I think learning a lot. She needs more speech practice, so we’ll be working on that!!

How about you? Are you working on setting up a High School language credit?


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