My “Sweet” Daughter

Yesterday I got a text from my oldest sister. She has whooping cough. For real. She was put under a quarantine (yes, she’s been vaccinated… and recently had a booster… and all her family vaccine stuff is 100%…) and is camping out at home.

My “sweet” daughter wanted to make her aunt a present.

We went to the store and bought some fabric and after school she set to work…


Yes, Big reads a lot of pirate stories…


Which is why she /graciously/ made her aunt a quarantine flag to hang in front of her house. And a plague flag, because she thought it was hysterical.


Watch out. Kids who read are funny.

UPDATE: After the long tests they all found out they didn’t really have whooping cough. Apparently there are different tests. Who knew! I’m grateful they’re all healthy and well. And, that they have a great sense of humor and found the flags funny!


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