What works – FUN FRIDAY

Every year the kids get older homeschooling gets more serious. Last year I was facing “MIDDLE SCHOOL”. I had a 7th and an 8th grader, and while we are an academically focused famiily, I still wanted homeschooling to be “fun”. It’s a hard balance – take it seriously, but find time for the extras…


One way our family found the balance was with FUN FRIDAY. I sincerely hope we can continue this until the kids graduate!!


SO, what does FUN FRIDAY entail?


Well, first of all we have the mandatory items – math test (we use Saxon so every Friday is a test day), and a science lesson (we use BJU online, so we can’t drop a lesson a week or we’ll NEVER get done). Then, any other mandatory stuff – bible, CNN student news, etc. Usually the “MUST DO” items take about 3 hours. [As an aside, when we did Sonlight, we always chose the 4 day schedule. For us, it was plenty.]



Then, we schedule in the fun stuff:

+ art projects (craftsy or her stuff)

+ logic

+ cooking lessons (which may include shopping for ingredients)

+ hands on science stuff beyond our class (programing, electronics, etc.)

+ extra merit badge stuff

+ Pinterst projects that catch our attention

+ food pantry pack out

+ deck building (or other home projects)

+ bike rides

+ field trips

Even with the fun stuff we tend to be done a little earlier than usual on Friday. To me, that’s a great reward for our hard work in the week, and a great start to the weekend. And, the kids LOVE Fun Friday. We all do. We get the “fun” and the “extras” in, and it’s low stress. Losing a day of grammar to me, is totally worth it!!


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