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No doubt, the BEST things about being a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew is getting to try out to curriculum I’ve never heard of, fall in love, and share it with all my friends. I get to rave here, but my friends locally know me as a bit of a “curriculum junkie” and I love being able to encourage other parents with neat finds. Dynamic Literacy‘s WordBuildOnline is one of those “neat finds” that I am super excited to share with readers, and with local friends. If you want more opinions from other Schoolhouse Review Crew members – please check out the link here:

Dynamic Literacy Review

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How does it work?

WordBuildOnline is, not surprisingly, an online curriculum. First, you’ll need to register and set up an account for your student. A student account costs $30. The interface for WordBuild is excellent. The graphics are smooth, the processing super-fast. It’s definitely a first-rate program.

Once your account is set up, the student can then log in to their portal. When they get there they’ll e met by Lexi, the WordBuildOnline host. He’s a funny, cool dog that leads the kids through their daily activities.

JazzEdge  Review

After reading the daily brief, the kids start working on games that build their knowledge of Latin and Greek roots. Because Little is in the 7th grade, he used Elements Level 1 program. In this level of the program the student learn the 25 most frequently used Latin and Greek roots. Designed for kids who’ve either finished the earlier levels (Foundations), or are in 6th grade or higher, it was a great fit for Little.


JazzEdge  Review



Little LOVES this program. First, the graphics are excellent and the program is smooth. It’s first-rate. Second, the games are fun. And third, the kids are limited to 15 minutes a day. He loves that! It makes it easy for the kids to approach, and mentally, with a end time it’s easier to get started. There is a method for older kids to do two lessons a day (spread out at ends of the day), but I loved the time limit.

Another think Little likes is the progressive nature of the program. He thought it started “really easy” but slowly built up to becoming more challenging. He liked the challenge, and he really liked that te fun games were really helping him solidify his vocabulary.

As a parent, one thing I really liked was the frequent feedback the program gave to the kids. They knew how they were doing (as did the parents through the parent portal, and through email updates when activities were completed), and how much was left for each activity level. I think feedback is great and this program manages it well.


JazzEdge  Review



Any bad parts?

One thing Little did note was the the program is pretty liberal with the definitions it accepts for words. In one section the kids add a prefix or suffix and then type in the definition of the new word. I think Little put in a line about wombats drilling into the ground or some other silliness and the computer accepted it. I think it would be wise for parents to keep an eye on what their students are doing. LOL!!



This is a fun, interesting, and productive program. My son thoroughly enjoyed his daily activities and really felt like he learned a lot using WordBuildOnline. As a parent, I think learning Latin and Greek roots is super productive for vocabulary building, as well as for SAT/ACT test prep. WordBuildOnline‘s Elements 1 online program is an easy-to-implement supplement that wold be a great compliment to any middle scool language arts program.


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