Review: Apologia Educational Ministries – Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal

It’s summer travel season!!! Anyone who has read my blog for more than a week knows that our family loves to travel. It’s always a challenge trying to find ways for the kids to write about our trips without it being too tedious, so I was thrilled when the opportunity to review Apologia Educational Ministries‘s Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal. As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I received a copy of the the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal, a physical book, for the review. You can read other crew member’s reviews by checking out the link here:

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

How does it work?

The Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal is a fabulous open-ended product. You can use it for a travel journal (like we did), a field trip journal, for notebooking, to record books read, to create stories, as a nature journal… You can use it for just about anything. The pages a bright, fun, and easy to fill in without being overwhelming of screaming “MOM IS MAKING ME WRITE ABOUT OUR TRIP”. They’re fun, engaging, and provide enough room to record events or gather mementos without scaring away writing phobic students.  



We decided we would use this as a travel journal for our adventures this spring. With trips to New Orleans, England, Boston, and some other spots, we had a lot to record and save! Big was responsible for our journal, so we just packed it along with our normal carry on baggage. We made a little kit with some tape, a few scrapbook supplies, and a couple of pens. It was simple to carry with us and made recoding a lot easier.

On our adventures Big recorded observations, saved memorabilia, and journaled about our trips.

Some of her work included:





Any bad parts?

No. I really don’t see any bad parts!! This journal would be a great fit for kids of any ages and would be an awesome resource for a year-long recording of trips and special events. I think it would be super cool for each of my kids to work through a journal like this every year – and to add it into their end of year reports. What could be cooler – their writing, their observations, and their pictures. I think that’s too fun!!


Other Cool Things?

This journal is a lot more than just a plain scrapbook. It’s also LOADED with great ideas for trips and activities, like this:


So, if you’re like me (and likely loads of other homeschool moms), when you’re lacking ideas – this is a great book for inspiration!

And, after you pick where you’re headed – the journal also has an awesome page with tips for planning, preparing, executing, and recording your trip. I know in the spring when I am a little burned out – this will be a great resource to turn to and help me work through the doldrums.


Recording trips, encouraging writing, and keeping mom sane – seriously – does it get better than this? I love this journal and enthusiastically recommend it. I think next year we’ll be looking at one per kid – and I know in years to come it’ll be a treasured keepsake of our homeschooling years.


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