Weekly Report – 5 June 2015

It’s summer. Really, truly summer.




I love it. I used to hate summer in the South, because summer here is unlike summer anywhere (except maybe other insanely hot, humid, rainy places). Hot here is over 100. Humid is over 90%. And, now, I love it. I actually rarely swim when it’s under 90 – and I swim a lot!

So I am thrilled that it’s summer.

And, strangely, I thought summer would mean that our days would be filled with quiet, and reading, and relaxation, and easily completing our chores and piano… What was I thinking?!?!

It’s been INSANE.

Last weekend Big and I went to Boston to visit my parents. It was a good / bad trip – but it’ll have it’s own post.

We arrived home late Sunday and drove straight to a friend’s house for church. We have a BBQ, lake swim, lakeside service a couple of times a year and this was the weekend. It was awesome, but I was TIRED.

Monday – piano lessons at 8:30, a brief at the library for later in the week, and loads of scout stuff to get wrapped up for Monday night’s meetings (troop and committee). We also mowed the lawn, cut a gas line, and evacuated the house. Good stuff there, eh? LOL!! Everyone was fine and the repair minor.

Tuesday – After DH falling down some stairs and nearly breaking his ankle, we sent him off to work and I started the MOM-IN-A-CAR day. The kids volunteered at the library for a couple of hours (I went home and tried to catch up on the blog), then home for a couple, then the afternoon: library club from 2:30-5, TKD from 5-7, Robotics from 6:30-8:30. Yeah, there’s some overlap there. We ate pizza in the car on the way between events. In the fall – something (library) will have to give.

Wednesday – More library volunteer time… then errands… home for a quick lunch… and then Little off to a friend’s for a pool time / airsoft party… Big decided to stay home and chill. We picked up some ice cream and waffle bowls (because “waffle bowl” is awesome to say!), and watched Miss Congeniality. I love that movie!! Later my friend dropped off Little and his bud, and I was tasked with taking them to a Youth Group yogurt shop meet up. I took Big along and sent them to hang out while I chilled. I was pooped.

Thursday – Almost a breather. We slept in – until 8. Little had a make-up piano lesson at 9, so Big and I dropped him off and ran to Walmart to pick up a birthday gift for a friend. After shopping, we picked up Little, went home and caught up on house stuff. At 2 I had to pick up a couple of Little’s friends – and then to the library for a party – another car trip to drop off one of the friends – and then back to TKD. It was a BIG night with the kids breaking their first boards. That was SUPER COOL to watch and I shot a lot of video!!

Friday – EXHALE. Nothing major today. At least not before 1… I slept TERRIBLY so I was slow starting. First stop was the gym, with the kids needing a timed run (merit badge work), and I walked. Then off to the library… again. The kids finished the books from Tuesday and Thursday. Really. Then to a local spot for brunch, and then home. I took a short nap and the kids – well – they read. More. I made the call to skip food pantry packing and later we headed to the pool. After pool was a disappointing stop for fast food (I knew better!), and then to apologetics (not without taking a rock and likely headed for a windshield replacement on my car… the one with almost NO miles on it… I’m a little overwhelmed and frustrated). Here at apologetics I sit. Quietly. Hiding in my car. Being a little anti-social. It’s been a long week and I’m Ok with listening to David Jeremiah and my husband, and that’s about it.

Tomorrow – It continues. Food pantry. Pool. Pack for camp upcoming. In-laws coming for the night. Triplets coming for the following week…

I’m starting to think that this teen thing – it doesn’t slow down. Busy is good. I just need to work on my endurance and keep up more. More smoothies. Less fast food. More prayer. Less worry. Maybe carpooling! And maybe, a little more margin. We’ll see. 🙂 I hope your summer is starting out well – even if it’s a little hectic.


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