Weekly Report – 29 May 2015

Finishing up this Weekly Report only puts me…hmmmm…2 weeks behind! LOL!! I know it’s probably super boring to anyone who reads this to read this outdated report but my kids love them. About once a year I compile a book with my blog posts and the kids LOVE to go back and see what we were doing “back then” and laugh at our family history. With that in mind, indulge me… This report covers from the 18th of May to the 29th…


The first week – 18-23 May, is the week we spent WAY TOO MUCH time and money at Radio Shack. We got sucked in…




Electronics kits… arduino…learning to solder…making funny electronic pianos and sonic ears…flashing leds…more solder… It’s so much fun. Older kids are a blast!!




I tried making Welsh Cakes. When we were in England our family friend brought us some from her freezer and they were AMAZING. Mine were kind of edible. Kind of. I need to email Rosemary for her recipe!



Little and I are continuing to work on his BSA Stem Nova awards. This one was scoring a football game and running all the statistics on it. It was not a winner for my non-sports kid. Torture is a strong word, but likely not far off. We’re better at building stuff and shooting off rockets. On a cool scout trip Little completed his Family Life merit badge, and got his second NOVA award signed off. Cool stuff there.



While the boys were camping, the girls headed north to go check in on my parents. We made a short stop by my old prep school to visit, take pictures (this of my first dorm – at 14!), and buy a lot of sweatshirts. I cannot believe Big is the same age I was when I started boarding school. TOO WEIRD!!!!!



Yankee staple… ice cream… my favorite is Friendly’s. I got the usual – two scoop peanut butter cup sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Don’t scowl. It’s delicious!



Since trips to see your aging, somewhat crazy (or at least nearly detached from reality) grandparents can be a drag, we added in some fun for Big this trip. We made a side trip to Great Wolf Lodge.



It was an ABSOLUTE BLAST. My sister joined us for the night in our SWEET “free upgrade” room – complete with a bear den. Big loved it. We swam. And swam. And swam. They climbed. We slept well. It was a great break for a young lady who travels without complaint, pushed wheelchairs with kindness, and always encourages me to be kind and gentle when it’s hard. I’m so glad we got to make the side trip – and we’ll definitely do it again sometime with Little!


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