Bucket List

Earlier this year Big made up a “bucket list” of sorts. It was more of a “things I’d like to do this year” list, but either way it was a cool way to see what she had in her mind to do and learn.


Most of the list we checked off: Mardi Gras, Wicked on Broadway, skiing, etc. It’s been a BIG year.


There are a couple of items left.


  1. GO to the start of the Boston Marathon. One, my mom lives in the town where it starts. Two, a ton of the runners strip down from their warm stuff and throw it by the side of the road, so it’s a fun place to scavenge work out gear (you know, if you’re 13 and a size S…like Big…). Maybe next year for this one.


  1. Learn to sail.


I come from a sailing background. Not a swanky Newport, RI big yacht sailing background – more of a small lake, small boat racing background. I LOVED sailing when I was a kid and picked my college (and partly my career) based on that love. When I was in high school I taught sailing at our local boat club. So, when we were visiting family who happen to own a little dinghy, Big HAD to give it a try.


Obviously, this was NOT going to be a mom-daughter sail. No way. Not gonna happen!


But, I could help her (and her similarly clueless cousin) rig the boat, brief them, and yell from the shore. And since Big has read all of the Swallows and Amazons books, so she’s totally qualified. (Ask her!)



So, they set off and I coached from the shore. They only tipped a couple of times – and more swamping than actual tipping.They didn’t crash when landing. They didn’t get hurt. They didn’t break anything. Most importantly, they had a BLAST and Big is ready to try again. I think in a few days with me in a kayak nearby she’d be safe and solid.
And no, I haven’t been trolling Craigslist for sailboats. Nope. Can’t prove anything!


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