Summer Library Programs

We used to love the library. When the kids were young we went at least once a week, and the vast majority of our friends came from people we meet at story time.

Then, school got busier.

The kids got older.

They aged out of story time.

And the library increased fines. Dramatically. From $0.05 or $0.10/ day to $0.25/day.

I was out. And annoyed.

Well, we’re back. The summer program is super appealing to the kids, and it (kind of) fits our schedule. They’re having a blast and it’s free…until we have fines.


Only 10.5 hours week one...

Last week Big made 5 library trips. It sounds excessive but she and Little volunteered a couple of days, and there were programs, and…you get it.


Manga phase? Yup.

I’m excited about the summer program. We’ll see if it fits the schedule in the fall, but until then we’ll enjoy it!


Reating...reading while reading...


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