Port Call: Nantwich

One of the cities we made a “port call” in on the canal adventure was Nantwich. It is a BEAUTIFUL city and like everywhere we went in England, easily walkable. (I will say, the one exception to that is getting the whole “look right” thing down… I was almost flattened a couple of times…)

We pulled into Nantwhich and decided to hop off and walk around the town. Our guide book mentioned a “book store”, so the kids were ALL IN. From our mooring spot the historical part of the city was about a 20-30 minute walk.

The old city was beautiful!! Cobblestones. Cute stores. Wonderful flowers everywhere.


This was one of the old churches in the town center. I was working the ‘panoramic’ mode on the cell phone. LOL!


We took the recommendation of the canal travel guide and stopped for lunch at a local butch shop that sold meat pies. We were trying to eat local things and try new stuff, so we each picked a different pie…


I would say that was a successful lunch!! The aftermath wasn’t too pretty!


Toward the end of our walk we decided to stop for tea. We found a “Cafe Nero” which is a chain in England. I guess that could violate the “no chains while traveling rule”, but it seemed like they would have iced coffeee. I was hopeful…

The did not disappoint. The staff was great. It was so fun throughout the trip to talk to all the locals about their travels – wow we Americans are NOT well traveled as a culture!

Big ordered tea. She acclimated quickly to the English ways!

Little went with hot chocolate. Good call. Real whipped cream here.

I saw on their board that the scone included “clotted cream” so we had to give it a try. Thank goodness it’s not available widely in the US… or… we’d all be more widely. Seriously. Like butter….but smoother…fattier…

And – iced coffee for me. I was not disappointed. It was like nine shots of espresso on ice. With a little cream. But it worked. And I was VERY happy.

When we walked back to the boat I was able to get a good photo of the aquaduct. These totally fascinated me. They’re basically water bridges – with canals on the top instead of roads. They’re too cool.

We give Nantwich high marks. It was beautiful, walkable, neat stores to shop and browse in, and some yummy food. It was a great port call!


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