England by Canal… Next Installment

I just have to share a few more pictures of our latest family adventure.

I wrote about the trip HERE and shared about the boat company we used.

For the week we were on the boat we could not have had better weather. It was amazing. In the Deep South our season of “sweatshirt weather” where we can wear shorts and a sweatshirt is about an hour. We had that for a WEEK in Englang. OK, one or two days it was jacket weather – but no rain, no misery. It was great.

One of my favorite things to do while we were underway was to chill and take pictures. I loved the bridges…

untitled (56 of 215)

…and the boats moored along the canal banks. They were each so unique and colorful.
untitled (80 of 215)

Each bridge is labeled with a number, so you can tell where you are along the canal. They’re so cool! The numbers are fun, and then each bridge is unique. They’re a blast to photograph.
untitled (82 of 215)

On about the third day on our journey I found my first milage sign. LOVE!! It’s like a canal Narnia marker!
untitled (147 of 215)

Seriously. Calm, reflective water. Beautiful scenery. Great shapes. LOVE!
untitled (102 of 215)

How can you go wrong with sipping tea, watching the scenery, spending time with family, and photographing the passing castles?
untitled (109 of 215)

Another cool Narnia milage sign…
untitled (122 of 215)

And, probably one of my final photos. This was taken on our final night as we exited the lock and got ready to pull unto Andersen Boats on the left. A perfect conclusion.
untitled (188 of 215)


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