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As a Christian homeschooling mom, I am always on the lookout for enriching media to round out our studies. We often use mainstream sources, but it can get tedious previewing everything and having to be ultra-vigilent about our kid’s worldview as we watch.  If you face those same challenges, I think you’ll love the media choices available at As a part of my review in my role as a member of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew I received a physical dvd –  Exploring Ephesus. If you click on the banner below you can check out the reviews of other crew members, and learn about the variety of movies asked us to review (there’s a wide variety of media we reviewed!). Review

How does it work? Review is an online store that sells Christian movies. They carry everything from fun kids and family movies to apologetic and bible teaching for adults. If you’re looking for some great entertainment or teaching with God-honoring messages, is definitely worth a look. And if you’re a “frugal mom” (read: cheap) like me, rest assured, the prices at compare well with some of the monster online retailers.


Observations: Review

As a part of the review, sent me a dvd copy of the movie Exploring Ephesus. The movie is a one hour documentary which is basically a guided tour of the history, topography, and apostles of Ephesus hosted by two biblical scholars. The movie was recommended for middle school aged kids and up.

The first time we sat down to watch the movie we were all tired and a little distracted. I mistakenly thought this was a light, easy show and we’d all just chill and absorb the material – but we all failed. About half way through we all looked at each other a little lost. I decided we’d have to wait and re-watch the movie. I was delighted and pleasantly surprised at the depth of the teaching and history involved! I love that the movie was beyond “absorbing” and we’d actually have to pay attention! A couple of days later, we started the movie over, and with pause button ready and lunch on a tray to keep us sated, we watched it again. What a difference. We watched, paused, discussed, and watched some more. It was a super interesting tour and one we all wish we could have gone on in person.

Any bad parts?

Like I said, this is a little bit of a thinking movie. I don’t mean straining, but definitely a more meaty documentary that requires you pay attention. I think those are GOOD parts though – but your kids may need to be prepared to “pay attention”. The film does have a little indie quality to it, and isn’t as slick with the audio balance (music v. sound volumes) as more mainstream productions. None of that distracted from the film in any significant way.


I really enjoyed the movie, as did my kids. We all got a lot out of SEEING Ephesus and the island of Patmos. Aside from wanting to go spend a week there, we all felt like we had a better perspective on the life and times of the apostles, and the geography and topography of Turkey. I think that’s really the mission of – to help people grow in their biblical understanding. This movie definitely did that for our family – and I am thrilled to look further into the offerings to find more great movies for our family.


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