England Adventures – Andersen Boats

The main part of our England adventure involved renting a canal boat and spending a week cruising around the canals of England. If you haven’t heard of this – it’s amazing. There is a HUGE canal system throughout England and a large industry of canal boat rentals. The best way we can describe it is like driving an RV through a huge national park where you can stop and spend the night pretty much anywhere you want. It’s incredible. For a relaxing family vacation where you get to see the “real” England and meet really interesting people – it cannot be beat!


With family friends in England we asked them for advice and recommendations for a rental company (there are a ton!). They highly recommended Andersen Boats out of Middlewich, England. They were 100% right!! Andersen Boats is an amazing company and we’re so glad we used them! {And no, this isn’t a sponsored post… though I wish it were!! It’s just my opinion! But hey – Andersen – send me an email… LOL!!}




Why did we love Andersen?

* The people we worked with were AMAZINGLY nice. Everyone was awesome. Really fabulous.

* The boat was BEAUTIFUL and SPOTLESS.

* The boat was perfectly appointed. Linens, towels, tp, soap… There was also a tv, stove, oven, and fridge. We brought sleeping bags and towels on the recommendation of our friends – and we didn’t need them. The boat had everything.

* Their advice on routes and places to stop – SPOT ON. Each place we ate or visited was just perfect.

* The training was great. We felt 100% ready to take on the trip after our training session. We left stress free and ready to take on the canals.

* AFFORDABILITY. The boat was totally reasonably priced, and the cost included all fuel.


Here’s “our” boat in Middlewich:


The first night we were “knackered”, so we just grocery shopped, ate some dinner, and crashed out on the boat. Here’s where one kid slept… (there was another bunk similar to this, plus 2 double bunks, and the ability to fold out couches in the galley!)



The second morning we did our training (how to drive, how to operate locks, boat maintenance, etc.) and then we were off. [I know I already said it, but the training guys were great. They were super nice to the kids and totally got them up to speed to manage the locks solo. They were great!] Here are a few teaser shots of our next week…


Beautiful bridges…


…one of my favorite shots from the week…


…and seriously beautiful England….


Stay tuned!!


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