England Adventure Round One: Oxford

I’m still tweaking settings with my Lightroom export file, so these aren’t perfect, but I thought I’d share. We recently took a family “field trip” (c’mon, that’s reasonable! We homeschool!!) to England. It was AMAZING. By  it was our best family trip, ever. That’s actually saying a lot because we actually travel quite a bit.

After landing in London, and picking up the rental car, we headed North. Our first stop was Oxford. We figured we’d stop there for lunch en route to Middlewich, our destination for the night.

Here are some of the pics…

untitled (1 of 216)

untitled (4 of 216) untitled (5 of 216)untitled (6 of 216)

untitled (7 of 216)

untitled (8 of 216)

untitled (9 of 216)

untitled (12 of 216)

Even at our first stop, we learned quite a bit about England…

1. Oxford is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, amazingly, beautiful. Breathtaking.

2. Wow… roads in England. I think Oxford highlights the absolute wackiness of roads in England. One car wide, two way traffic, and completely random parking directions. Oddly marked and generally stealthy parking markings.  It was absolutely nuts. I thought we would crash a half dozen times. Apparently, despite the 10,000 road signs we missed one… and got that random traffic ticket when we got home. We still don’t have a clue what we did wrong!

3. Walking in England takes some practice. Look right…look right…look right. (or our driving mantra… “look right, stay left… look right, stay left…”.)

4. Weather schmeather. It was so gorgeous the vast majority of our time there.

5. Wow. I can get lost in England. Google maps I love you with all that I am.

6. Food in England gets a bad rap. The chocolate rocks. Yummy pies are easy to find! We tried everything (more pics to follow on that) and we rarely found a dud.

imageStay tuned. I’ll be sharing more pics over the next few days!


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