Dried Fruit

Recently Little and I decided we needed to break out the dehydrator and start making some fun dried fruit. Today I finally made the crawl into the back of the storage pantry… and actually found the dehydrator and all the parts! Miracle!

We then made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some fruit. We went with strawberries, a few apples, blueberries, and a couple of kiwis. We didn’t have room for everything, so we started with the strawberries and the apples. Little prepped the berries and I prepped the apples…


We lined everything up as well as possible, without any touching and started up the (kind of loud) dehydrator.


And while it looks like the strawberries need some more time (it’s only been around 6 hours), the apples are looking great. The kids are devouring the fruit, and I am sure we’ll have the dehydrator running full time while fruit is cheap and we can dry out a bunch for summer snacks, camping, and hiking food. Super fun!!



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