Chattanooga TN – The Bluegrass Grill


Go to Chattanooga, TN. Even if you don’t live anywhere near Chatt – go.


Well, other than it’s a great city with an awesome outdoors scene and loads to do it has The Bluegrass Grill. This is possibly one of my top 10 place to eat in the US, and that includes New Orleans AND Boston.

It’s no surprise to me that The Bluegrass Grill is the number 2 recommended place to eat in Chattanooga on Trip Advisor. (The #1 place is a swanky spot…The Bluegrass Grill is nice, but not swanky). The food is local, fresh and delicious. Seriously delicious. The staff is super friendly. And, the prices are reasonable. The two times I’ve been I haven’t had to wait for a take, but I suspect weekend mornings are rough.

When the kids and I went recently we ordered…



Hot chocolate…


Chorizo Potatoes…


and, a Smoked Salmon Frittata.


Along with two iced teas, our meal was $32. For the food and all the add ons, I think it’s a totally reasonable price.

And, you’ve got to love a place with a story, especially one of Good honoring service (from the menu):


Now, don’t you need to get packed and start heading to Chattanooga?!


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